11 Recently Introduced Timepieces From Bell & Ross Collection

Bell and Ross

The majority of gentlemen begin their day by putting on their preferred wristwatch. As they say, their personality may be defined by the watch they are wearing.  People may stare at you because of the wristwatch you’re using. As a result, ensure that you are well-dressed enough to generate an excellent first impression.

Bell & Ross has developed a wide variety of luxury watches throughout the years, which are separated into two main classifications: vintage and instrument. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent Bell & Ross designs.

Vintage BR V2-94 Aeronavale Bronze Automatic Blue Dial

This wristwatch belongs to the Bell and Ross Vintage collection, which is noted for its bronze casing and blue dial. It also has a calfskin leather band that makes it comfortable to wear. It also features a water-resistance for up to 100 meters. Therefore, it can be utilized for any type of undersea activity.

Instruments Aviation BR S Steel Quartz Black Dial Men’s Watch

This is one of the most recommended gentlemen’s watches from the Bell & Ross Instrument series with its square-shaped stainless steel case. The band is constructed of a rubber material that matches the dial’s black hue. Its silver-tone hands on the dial are beautiful and striking.

Instruments BR S Pink Diamond Eagle Quartz Pink Dial Ladies Watch

This Bell & Ross wristwatch from the Instrument category is ideal if you’re seeking a unique wristwatch with a more intricate dial. Its pink alligator leather band complements its pink dial, making it perfect for all ladies’ wrist.

Bell & Ross Instruments BR 05 Blue Steel

This gentlemen’s timepiece exemplifies how Bell & Ross has evolved over the years. Today, Bell & Ross is one of the world’s top watch brands, with an impressive and enticing collection of timepieces. This specific design is one of those timepieces.

Vintage BR V2-94 Military Beige Chronograph Men’s Watch

Because of its timeless elegance, vintage style has become popular in recent years. With this men’s luxury wristwatch from the Bell and Ross collection, you can create a much more fashionable vintage look. Its case is made entirely of steel and has a diameter of 41 mm. You’ll also appreciate its one-of-a-kind fabric band, which provides comfort when worn.

Aviation Instruments BR S Quartz Pink Sunray Dial Ladies Watch

The Bell & Ross collection is glad to share this latest luxury wristwatch with contemporary designs. This Aviation Instruments BR S Quartz Pink Sunray Dial has a square stainless steel case, a comfortable leather band made from calfskin material, and a pink dial with silver-tone hands. These designs are ideal for any lady’s wrist.

Instruments BR S Pink Diamond Eagle Quartz Pink Dial Ladies Watch

If you want a unique wristwatch with a more complex dial, this Bell & Ross from the Instrument category is ideal for you. Its pink alligator leather band with silver-tone hands and dot indexes is perfect for all ladies’ wrist.

Instruments BR03-94 Blue Steel

This stunning BR03-94 Blue Steel from the Instruments collection is one of our favorites. It features a 42 mm steel case that is easy to wear. Its strong and lavish blue ultra-resistant fabric and blue calf leather material make it resistant to various environmentally harmful elements. Without a doubt, you should grab yours now!

The Bell & Ross BR05 Collection

This BR05 has a totally urban aesthetic, staying true to the company’s brand characteristics. This model’s construction has a long-standing square-shaped case. This particular Bell and Ross timepiece incorporates elements from its predecessors. Its distinguishing feature is the rounded-corner bezel.


It follows the Phantom concept’s footsteps in 2007 as well as the Commando series from 2009. Aeronautical instruments inspire this timepiece. Because of the photo-luminescent indexes and numerals, the dial is easy to read even at night. Hundreds of users are already satisfied with its aesthetics.

Instruments BR05 Grey Steel

If you want a more precise and simple timepiece, this is the luxury for you. This is a splendid wristwatch with flawless characteristics. The Instruments BR05 Grey Steel has a clean dial that makes reading the time simple.  This product is suitable for those who want a modernized aesthetic. Add this to your cart and see how it positively changes your taste in fashion.


Timepieces have become an integral part of our wardrobe. We are probably stuck in the market trying to find the right luxury for us.  Even if there is no event, we consider a timepiece a necessary part of daily life to check the time. However, watches don’t just exist to tell time. It also gives us a new touch for fashion and style. Thus, make sure to choose a luxury that can match your fashion statement like the models mentioned above.

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