11 Tips for 3D Animation Company Success

3D Animation

3D can bring to life your wildest imagination in entertainment and business. It enables you to catch your audience’s attention and communicate in a simple and fast way Animation video editing.

So, how can your 3D animation company achieve success? There’s great potential for success in running a 3D animation studio or company.

Experts estimate the 3D animation industry is worth $16.64 billion with a growth rate of 12.1%  that will continue up to 2030.

3D has evolved from the 1900’s “claymation” or clay animation to today’s realistic concepts in entertainment videos and films. Animation companies work with experts who use more sophisticated 3D animation computer tools to achieve success.

Here are 11 more tips that make your 3D animation company successful.

1.  Study Your Craft

Mastering your craft helps you become an expert in your field. It is the best way to build trust and gain customer loyalty.

Consider joining a 3D animation company that provides e-learning training. Continuous learning in your field enables you to produce high-quality 3D animation products. Expert animators, graphic designers, and producers will look at your 3D animation work and provide helpful feedback.  It will help you understand your field better, which means you’ll be able to:

  • Educate your audience through entertainment.
  • Transfer emotions efficiently.
  • Showcase your ideas, concepts, and thoughts in fields like marketing.

2.  Focus on What You Know

Choosing the path you want to follow in 3D animation and specializing will help you stay focused. Knowing what the animation industry is looking for at a particular time is important.

For example, if you are in Los Angeles and you specialize in architecture marketing, you can look for 3D animation Los Angeles companies that need 3D walkthroughs.

3.  Invest in the Right Tools

The 3D animation field has many products like 3D animation software that help produce quality work. Some computer programs are simple, while others are complex.

Choose the program that’s best for your project. It will enable you to provide quality service to your clients.

The software you choose for your work can be free or paid. For example, animation software like Blender, Autodesk Maya, Daz Studio, and ZBrush can be useful in helping you reach your goals and achieve company success.

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4.  Market Your 3D Animation Company

3D Animation

Put time and effort into your marketing campaign to ensure your clients see your work. This involves understanding your customers and their markets.

For example, creating a professional website and building a community of people with the same interests build trust and loyalty.

Others like email marketing and reading magazines your customers read can help market your services. You can also join clients where they hang out, like on social media.

Many businesses have various social media accounts they actively use to appeal to their customers. For example, depending on your target, you can use the following sites.


Facebook is a popular social platform that has many users. If most of your customers use Facebook, you can reach them using short videos.


Linkedin is the social media channel for most professionals. It is also the largest networking site for B2B companies.

Optimizing your company profile on LinkedIn will enable you to generate quality leads that will convert. Optimize your company page and profile to attract more clients. You can upload quality 3D animation videos and improve your marketing.


Twitter allows you to embed videos on your tweets. This gives your audience a preview of your business. You can also share testimonials, hold competitions, offer special offers, and provide real-time updates.


Post your 3D animation on Instagram and capture your audience’s attention. Instagram is a perfect platform for short 3D animated content that can help you reach the younger generation.

5.  Hire Top Talent

Selecting and retaining the best talent ensures your business grows. Work with professionals with extensive animation training and experience in industry tools. Consider hiring people who:

  • Have the necessary education credentials,
  • Pay attention to details,
  • Use creativity,
  • Have patience and can work in a team, and
  • Have excellent drawing skills.

6.  Ask for Reviews

3D Animation

Ask clients you have worked with and who love your work to leave a review on your website. Most clients search for goods or services online and read other customers’ experiences before engaging a business.

A positive review will likely encourage more prospects to contact and do business with you.  When more clients ask for your services, your revenue increases. Some clients might leave a positive comment and a five-star rating if you do exceptional work.

7.  Build Trust and Loyalty

One way to increase customer trust in your business is to show your credibility. Include your accomplishments on your website or social media platforms.

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For example, you can add awards, licenses, and certifications that are related to animation on your company profile. This shows you are a professional with the experience and commitment to learning and staying relevant.

8.  Start Networking

Network with other professionals in your industry. Attending conferences and events like animation festivals enables you to exchange ideas with peers and exchange contact with customers.

For example, networking and talking to the potential customer helps you know the type of animation they like or what is common locally. This is because the preference for 3D animation NYC might be different from 3D animation in Atlanta. Networking also helps you make friends in your industry and get referrals.

9.  Understand Competitors

Know your competitors in the industry. Look at their strengths and weaknesses and find ways to improve their weaknesses to gain an advantage.

For example, search for 3D animation Dallas companies and analyze their marketing styles if your business is in Dallas. This will help improve your company’s marketing strategy, yielding better results.

10. Promote Honesty

Honesty is essential in the 3D animation industry. Deliver the type of work you promise to your clients. If possible, go the extra mile to over-deliver. Sometimes you might not be able to deliver what a client wants. Be honest and let them know.

If your clients complain, listen to them and deal with the complaint. If you cannot do what a client wants, refer to someone who can help.

11. Focus on What Is Important

Identify what is essential and focus. Focusing on good clients, staff, and what makes your company better will bring progress. Avoid wasting time on clients that complain too much and pay less.

Take care of your staff and ensure you hire only the necessary people. This will help you save money and increase your ROI.

Key Takeaway

The 3D animation industry may be competitive and sometimes challenging, but it can also be very rewarding. It is a business field that is growing and has a bright future. Archiving success in this field requires you to be passionate about animation.

People will always be watching what you do. You will get referrals from satisfied customers if you do a good job. Proper marketing on different platforms will also lead to success in your 3D animation company.

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