13 Highest Paying Career Paths In Technology

Career Paths In Technology

Those interested in a career in information technology are probably motivated by a desire to earn a decent living while doing work they enjoy. We have good news for you: IT is one of the most lucrative industries today.

The median annual wage of Information Technology occupations is twice as higher as all the occupations reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The truth is, information technology is a high-paying field, and it doesn’t take you to be a Silicon Valley tech genius who skipped college and started a game-changing software company to make a great career in IT.

What Makes IT So Popular?

Before we discuss IT careers with the highest paying salaries, let’s take a moment to consider the profound developments of the IT revolution, which shape the demand for these occupations.

Today, computer science and information technology are at the core of practically everything we do. Through the wonders of IT, business, entertainment, commerce, and communication have all been revolutionized.

Advanced IT, both culturally and economically, is the driving force behind tectonic changes on a global scale as our world becomes increasingly interconnected. The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be growing by a million more “things” every single day, from the high-powered computers we keep in our pockets to the ever-growing ecosystem of devices, databases, servers, software, websites, and apps. In light of this, it is not surprising that the field of information technology is also expanding rapidly.

Career Paths in IT

There are several types of technology careers that can be classified according to their specializations. With positions spanning the career spectrum from entry-level to executive track, there are nearly limitless career opportunities in cyber security, programming, web development, and robotics. The following are just a few of the notable IT specialties:

Highly Lucrative IT Careers

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled job descriptions, educational requirements, and median salaries for some of the most common IT jobs:

  1. Computer and Information Research Scientists

Earning a median of $118,370, those working in the computer and information research department develop new approaches to computing technology and find innovative ways to use existing technology. Business, medicine, science, and other fields require complex computing problems to be solved.

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You can only work as a Computer and Information Research Scientist if you have a master’s degree in the required field.

  1. Computer Network Architects

With a median salary of $109,020, Computer Network Architects specialize in designing and building computer networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and intranets. They range from small connections between offices to next-generation networks such as cloud infrastructures serving multiple clients.

This position requires a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Software Developers

With an average salary of $105,590 annually, software developers are the creative minds behind the creation of computer programs. Similarly, some developers create applications that carry out specific tasks on computers and other devices. In addition, others develop the software that runs the devices or controls the networks.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science can work as a software developer.

  1. Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts make around $98,350 each year. The role of these professionals is to plan and implement security measures so that an organization’s computer networks and systems are protected from cyberattacks. Due to the increasing number of cyberattacks, their responsibilities are constantly expanding.

To be considered for the position, all you need is a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

  1. Database Administrators

With an annual wage of $90,070, the role of DBAs is to store and organize data, such as financial statements and customer shipping records, using specialized software. They are responsible for ensuring that data are accessible to the users and secure from unauthorized access.

To apply for this position, you must have a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Computer Systems Analysts

These professionals make about $88,740 per year.

Computer systems analysts analyze and design solutions to improve an organization’s computer systems or systems architects. They bridge the gap between business and information technology (IT) by understanding both their needs and limitations.

The minimum education requirement to work for this position is a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Computer Programmers

Earning a median salary of $84,280, a computer programmer writes and tests code that allows software programs and computer applications to function properly. They translate software designers’ and engineers’ designs into computer instructions using their skills.

Having a bachelor’s degree is sufficient to work as a computer programmer.

  1. Network and Computer Systems Administrators

A network and computer systems administrator earns about $82,050 annually.

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Almost every organization relies on computer networks. The day-to-day operation of these networks is the responsibility of network and computer systems administrators.

Working in this position requires a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field.

  1. Web Developers

With an annual wage of $69,430, web developers design and create websites. It is their responsibility to ensure that the look and feel of the site are pleasing to the eye. Moreover, they are responsible for maintaining the site’s technical features, such as its efficacy and capacity, which are measures of a site’s speed and traffic.

A web developer may also be tasked with the task of creating content for the website. An associate’s degree is required for this job.

  1. Computer Support Specialists

These professionals earn an average salary of $53,470 per year.

Their responsibility is to provide assistance and advice to computer users and organizations. Depending on their specialty, these specialists either support computer networks or provide direct technical support to computer users.

  1. Video Game Designer

Gaming enthusiasts now have the opportunity to become video game designers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 30% increase in the number of video game designers in the next decade.

Game designers, game artists, and game programmers typically fall into three categories based on their interests and skill sets. A recent survey found that many video game designers earn over $100,000 per year with 6+ years of experience.

  1. Robotics Engineer

Robotics is used in many different sectors, including manufacturing, medical sciences, agriculture, and the military. As part of the job, robots will augment the human workforce by performing key tasks more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively than humans.

Skills required by this position are designing blueprints and constructing and conducting research.

  1. Computer Animator

Computer animators create dazzling animations for film, television, websites, video games, and mobile apps. With the right technical skills, computer animation offers exciting and potentially lucrative career opportunities for creative artists, including many opportunities to work as a freelancer.


Getting a job at one of the top tech companies does not necessarily require being a technical person. There are several rewards one can gain by developing their technical skills. However, for those who polish their skills, there are better opportunities out there.

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