3 Ways Machine Learning Will Impact Marketing

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If you’ve paid attention to any business trends as of late, you’re probably not surprised to see the ways that technology is providing value to companies in unprecedented ways. Perhaps no area of tech is having as big of an impact on companies of all shapes and sizes as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Machine learning has powerful uses in a broad array of business practices, including industries like manufacturing, distribution, and customer service.

One place where machine learning has particularly impressive implications is in the field of marketing. One of the strengths of leveraging big data is the chance to really get specific about the tasks your business routinely performs. This is where something like machine learning can really make waves, since it can help inform best practices and personalize your marketing communications in powerful ways. Keep reading for three of the biggest ways machine learning and AI can boost your marketing tasks.

Machine learning can help power human decisions.

When you think of machine learning, you likely think about analytics and algorithms before you think about human beings. That being said, when actual employees get to leverage machine learning data, that’s when truly exciting things start to happen.

A leader in data, TIBCO Software, explains the concept more robustly in their machine learning white paper. To TIBCO, machine learning is all about having the right information at the right time for the right person to see. Much like baking a loaf of bread, if any ingredient is off, it doesn’t matter how good your recipe (or, in this case, algorithm) is. Especially in a small business, knowing who should leverage the information from machine learning algorithms is critical if you want to use them with your marketing efforts. Learn more about machine learning and how to use TIBCO’s recipe for success in their white paper.

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Artificial intelligence can improve your email marketing clicks and open rate.

If you’re building email campaigns, you know just how important it is that your email newsletters get opened in order to make a difference. Conversions in email can be tricky, though, especially when it comes to transactional emails. This is where using machine learning algorithms can really improve your email marketing clicks and open rate. By using an algorithm to analyze your email marketing campaigns, many email marketing services can get a better understanding of when it makes sense to send emails to your subscribers.

Marketing emails that are sent with email deliverability and timing in mind ensure that your email marketing strategy is working by getting emails opened when they arrive in the inbox. Especially for a small business, the open rate of your email marketing campaigns is quite critical to new product launches, and the best way to level up your emails and get better results is to use machine learning and email automation in tandem with data about your contact list.

Machine learning can provide deeper insight into your social media platforms.

email marketing

If you use social media to market your business (and you should), machine learning also offers some interesting metrics that could be useful to your business. For example, advanced algorithms are getting better and better when it comes to analyzing language and sentiment. This means that you can run a bunch of reviews or social media mentions through an algorithm to determine what your overall social media audience feels about your company. The models obtained from the algorithms can also be deployed into the production of the business easily nowadays with the help of ML model deployment platforms. These models that are deployed are used in the analysis of the audience and prediction about the target audience. Eventually, machine learning can be a great help in solving business problems.

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Knowing whether your company is being praised or dragged online can help you formulate different word-of-mouth campaigns to bolster your reputation. This is the kind of use case that only big data could offer companies, so if you’re marketing your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it’s a good idea to consider how artificial intelligence intersects with your goals.

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