4 Top Reasons Why Data Science Has Grown in Demand

Data Science

Current and consistent reports suggest that the jobs in the field of data science have grown by 6x and more and more employers are consistently looking into hiring skilled and qualified data scientists for their companies. According to a report from Indeed, statistics suggest that the job prospects around Data Science have increased by 29%. This has gradually become a high-demand skill across a variety of industries, meaning that your competition is consistently on the rise.

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Companies Need Skilful Employees for Handling their Data

Both medium and big-sized companies are on the lookout for employees to help them manage the data. Companies are consistently sitting on piles of data without knowing what they should be doing with all these data. That is where a data scientist and developer come into play because they are skilled to not just organize the data but also draw insights from the same.

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There is a Shortage of Skilled Resources

Another reason why there is sharp growing popularity with data science is due to the shortage in the availability of skilled resources. Not many people are getting into data science, primarily because the demand is high while the availability is intensely rare. Even in 2018, LinkedIn even reported over 150,000 people lacking resources with data science skills. To meet the supply and demand factors, the popularity of data science has skyrocketed in the process.

One-man army

Yes, you heard it right. Data scientists primarily come from an educational background the deals with mathematics and science. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t welcome people from other biases and skills. In general, data scientists are generally skilled to uphold a variety of roles in a company. Given the fact that it’s one of the most in-demand job titles, it isn’t surprising that companies are looking for candidates who can effectively make their companies stand out from their competitors.

Favours Prospect of Marketing and Sales

Every brand or company is consistently on the lookout for ways to market its products to the big world. Data science plays a crucial role in that. Since the skilled people in this field deal with numbers and stats, they ensure data-driven marketing, one that assures eventual sales and profits.

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If you are considering pursuing data science as a career choice, now is the best time to get into the same. The demand is in an uproar while the supply is at its all-time low. So, you can learn better from courses and then enrich your knowledge further to secure a high-paying job that you can make the most out of.

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