5 Best Fast Background Check Websites with Detailed Information

Fast Background Check Websites

A background check is essential if you want to verify or know more about someone’s past. Some folks say that people’s past can be as dark as 3 am, or it could be white. Who are we to judge? On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with knowing if you live with a sex offender.

Where do you get such information? There are web-based platforms that can collect background checks from various sources. That saves you time while checking for the same records from different sources.

We will review five of the websites to see how they work. You’ll realize how easy it is to acquire someone’s background information.

Top 5 Web Platforms for Quick Background Checks

True People Search Fast

True People Search Fast is a background check platform that gets results in less than a minute. Everything here happens online. So, it’s a matter of searching for the website, entering the name, and getting the results.

Another aspect that makes it fast is that no sign-up is required. The service is free, and there are no later subscriptions. You only require the name to get the rest of the background results.

Background Checks

Once you enter it, True People Search Fast will show you the results. They will include all the personal details, from the full name to the height. It depends on what is available.

The background history will show you where the individual schooled, and the highest level attained. It will also reveal the work history and reasons for terminating the past jobs. More to that will also involve the felonies committed.

That forms the essence of most background checks. True People Search Fast will get all the traffic tickets and arrest warrants. The records will also be there if any of the latter led to a conviction.

You will also know the wealth status and credit checks. So, if the individual is borrowing some cash, you will know if they are creditworthy or not. More information will include social media profiles, current addresses, and contact information.

What you get from this website proves that it’s a resourceful data source. Since there is nothing much required from you, you get all that within a few minutes of browsing. After the search, the individual will not know if you searched for their information.

True People Search Fast keeps everything confidential. It also has other types of searches that can help you verify the information you get. So, if you get an address, you can use that to learn more about the location.

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Looking up the address should also help you compare the results you get. If you want fast background checks, visit True People Search Fast to see how it works.


Intelius is another major platform that you can use for quick background checks. You’ll need an account, though, to get started. That’s also the only way to enjoy the full features on offer. Performing a background check will only require the first and last names.


The results will be from a country-wide search. You can enter the city and state if you want to narrow it down. The results will give all manner of information. It includes personal details, education, marriage life, work, and the felonies committed.

It is, therefore, a platform with well-rounded information about individuals. The best part is that there is a dedicated criminal background search. That’s what you should use to look up if you think someone has served time before or been arrested.

Such a dedicated search will show you everything from the arrest warrant to how the case went. It takes a few minutes to get the complete information. The only time you would take is when you are going through the filtered results.

Intelius is a good source of people’s records if you want to know anyone around you.


BeenVerified is another place that you would like to check for people’s background information. It has one page for everything you would like to check. You’ll need to log in here, too, before entering that name.

You can also enter the city and choose the state for the filtration of results. There is no dedicated page for background checks. The people search option will show you everything from personal information to criminal history.

If you would like to verify someone’s records after the first chat, BeenVerified will do it for you. They also have an app version of the platform. So, if you enjoy the service or are fond of checking people’s records, you can download it.

There is an Android and iOS version.

Instant Checkmate

It’s also quick to perform a background check via Instant Checkmate. There is a people search if you need someone’s records in general. You can use the criminal records or inmate search options if you want dedicated ones.

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Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate will show you the records at an affordable fee. They will have all the personal details and contact information. The criminal part will display the felonies committed and if there was a conviction.

If someone has served time or is supposed to be, the inmate part will tell you more. It gets the correctional facility name, the time, and the felony leading to the conviction. You can use that to know who is safe to be around in the neighborhood.  

The platform will avail the data quickly and also keep your search confidential. You can trust that the other party will not know that you are looking up their information.


Lastly, we have TruthFinder, which prompts you to tick the agreement box before joining. Why? Because you may find shocking information about people in general. A background search tab is for you if you want to learn about someone’s past.

You type the name of the individual you met or that lost friend. The background search has personal information that includes the full name, aliases, age, and date of birth. You will also learn about social accounts, addresses, and contact information.

TruthFinder also digs in criminal records. They will include everything from speeding tickets to conviction information. Sexual offenses, wealth information, and property records are also part of the deal.

In some cases, you will also get photos and mugshots of the individual. Before the background search, you need to have an account. There are also charges incurred if you want to get exclusive information.


You can use those five websites to perform a fast background search. They don’t require much apart from a few details from you. The results generated are from databases that are regularly updated.

In some of the platforms, the data may be country-wide limited. So, you may have to switch to another platform if you want to search for people outside the region.

If you want to search for anyone without limitations, try the True People Search Fast website. You only require the name to get the rest of the details.

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