5 Indispensable Features for E-commerce Sites

E-commerce Site

When designing an e-commerce website for your business, there are several features to incorporate that are essential for your customers.

These features make your website easy to use and will maximize your profit.

Here are five indispensable features for your e-commerce site that you need to know about.

When you are in the process of looking for a platform to design your online store, you need an ecommerce website maker that delivers the best ease of use for your customers and maximizes your profit.

Consider Nexcess StoreBuilder, which offers an efficient graphic platform combined with inexpensive subscription fees, all without a long-term contract.

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User-Generated Reviews

When customers are looking at a selection of products on your site, they want to have the most reliable information on which item to choose. Your website’s description of your product can only go so far in convincing customers to buy it, which is why you always need a listing of user-generated reviews on your product’s webpage.

Data prove that 95% of shoppers read the reviews on a site, and 57% of prospective buyers will only make purchases with businesses that have a four-star or higher rating. However, consistently overly positive reviews have a negative impact because customers can believe they are not real. Some negative reviews are not so bad.

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Mobile-Friendly Websites

Needing to pinch and zoom in on a website that is not compatible with mobile devices can be frustrating and challenging. Since about half of all e-commerce purchases are made through mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly version of your website is essential for capturing that market segment.

It has been proven that customers prefer mobile-friendly shopping websites, as there is ample evidence of mobile sales rising dramatically on e-commerce platforms that released a mobile-friendly version.

Related Items

After customers add one of your items to their cart on their website, showing them additional related products will make them more likely to continue shopping for more items.

For example, if they add a t-shirt to their cart and your website shows them a matching hat afterward, their curiosity about the new item may increase. This is an easy way to increase sales by stoking customers’ curiosity and customizing their experience to match their interests.

Special Offers

Offering discounts to customers is a very effective way to get them to spend more time and money on your site. For example, if there is a time-limited free shipping offer, customers will feel obligated to make purchases quickly on your site.

With other tools that promote a sense of urgency to make purchases, such as discount codes and site-wide sales, you will be able to increase sales without compromising any revenue.

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Explicit Shipping Information

Shipping costs and length can be a roadblock for some customers looking to make an online purchase. Your site should be transparent about shipping costs to retain the most customers and optimally include a ZIP code shipping calculator to give the best insight on shipping times and prices.

These are some essential features that your e-commerce site needs to gain more customers and sales. With these features, your business will thrive online.

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