5 Tips and Tricks to Conserving Energy Better

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Do you cringe every time your monthly utility bill arrives? It’s overwhelming to learn the cost of powering everyday conveniences. But there are several lifestyle changes you can make to lessen the sticker shock.

If you’ve searched for ways to reduce your energy bills, stick around for a while. We’re offering you 5 tips and tricks for conserving energy. You’ll find yourself amazed by how much minor changes can decrease your monthly expenses.

1. LED Bulbs

When it comes to brightening your home nothing beats natural sunlight. But LED bulbs are a great alternative. Not only do they use 75% less energy; they last longer too.

A 12-watt LED light produces the same brightness as a 50-watt incandescent bulb. The retail price of LEDs exceeds that of incandescent bulbs. But LEDs provide over 20x more hours of light.

LED bulbs lend to conserving energy and reducing replacement and energy bill costs.

2. ENERGY STAR Products

The benefits of ENERGY STAR appliances and other devices go beyond energy conservation. Energy-efficient products rely less on power plants. This weakened relationship reduces greenhouse gas emissions and dangerous air pollutants.

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Residential and commercial structures can enjoy energy-efficient products. Want to know how to lower energy bill costs? Look for ENERGY STAR ratings on appliances, electronics, and cooling and heating systems.

3. Renewable Energy

When deciding how to lower your energy bill choose solar over electricity. Take a look at your long-term monthly utility expenses to begin factoring in savings. Compare that to the one-time upfront costs of installing solar panels.

Stop depending on electricity and let natural resources power your home. The clean, renewable energy of the sun replenishes itself. Switching to solar guarantees huge energy and financial savings.

We’re providing the tools for you to make an informed decision. Visit https://blueravensolar.com/blog/residential-solar-installation-cost/. Estimate the cost of installing solar panels.

4. Cold Water Washes

Think about how much electricity it takes to heat water for a large load of laundry. Your washer has a cold water wash setting that could help lower energy bills. Combined with the use of cold water detergents, your clothes get as clean.

Cold water is also the best option for cooking. And it contains fewer contaminants than hot faucet water. In only a few minutes, cold water heats at the same time you’re cooking your favorite dish.

5. Turn Off the Lights

Yes, it’s that easy! If you don’t believe it, Google “how to conserve energy.” You’ll never again leave a light turned on in an unoccupied room.

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And this tip isn’t limited to lights. Turn off ceiling fans, kitchen appliances on standby, and unattended electronics. These easy changes can have a huge impact on your energy usage.

Start Conserving Energy Today

Making some of these changes could result in instant energy savings. If something’s not serving an immediate purpose, unplug it or use the off switch. Start conserving energy and lowering utility bills today.

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