5 Tips for a Hassle-Free Record Player and PC Setup

Jico Stylus

Users of turntables met the device with a steep learning curve on operating the audio player. While a computer connection eases up the steps in setting up record players, the device still poses some problems that need addressing. As such, this article exposes tips for a hassle-free record player for PC setup. 

Invest in Quality Products and Parts

Nothing beats investing in quality products and parts relating to record players. Avid turntable listeners can easily distinguish the difference between low-quality products and high-end ones. Low-quality turntable parts like cartridges and stylus can give off subtle erratic noises that turntable enthusiasts can pick up. 


While people often associate price with quality, they also dismiss the notion that inexpensiveness does not necessarily equate to quality. An example is Jico Stylus, an inexpensive stylus that can easily replace the default stylus and still transcripts better audio quality. 

Buy Record Players with USB Port

When talking about record players connecting to a PC setup, people confuse themselves with one thing: Whether to use a separate amplifier or not. A preamp amplifies the signal into an operating input frequency to properly receive output devices like speakers. 

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However, the only problem with preamps is its complex wirings where it warrants enough reason for it to be an actual barrier for new hobbyists to get into. All holes, wires, and plugs need to connect. So why not just buy a record player with a USB port? This simplifies the number of cables to plug into one cord only.

Clean The Stylus

Another tip to reduce the inconveniences of setting up record players lies in eliminating major interferences in the setup. Users, specifically those who recently found interest in turntables, often misunderstood parts that need troubleshooting with low-quality turntable products. A good example of this is the stylus. 


Bad record disks contain particles and specks of dust that the stylus picks up during play sessions. Microparticles and specks of dust will then affect how the stylus reacts to vibrations along the grooves. Thus, it’s a good habit to clean the stylus with a brush once in a while. 

Consider and Adjust the Record Player Placement

Surprisingly, one of the biggest FAQs centers on its placements. Many disregard the position and location of the player. An uneven surface can shift the device’s center of gravity, further causing any technical issues if not damages. The record player’s location is also important when users try to change the setup of their device frequently. 

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The audio rendered will have little to no feedback noise by placing the turntable away from the output speakers. Similarly, subwoofers do enough interference to the record player’s ease of use. Users also eliminate other subtle noises caused by vibrations through the turntable feet.

Purchase Pre-Mounted Cartridge

Tonearms differ slightly per brand and purchase to consider with the variants of cartridges within the market. Because of variances, turntable manufacturers equip their products with gauges that assist in recalibrating the stylus. But the gauge alone is not enough, and recalibrating cartridges can be tricky to work on. 


Thus, one lazy tip for users experiencing problems with the stylus adjustments is to buy pre-mounted cartridges. Pre-mounted cartridges have the stylus and cartridges well-calibrated long before getting attached to the tonearm. The pre-mounted feature helps save time and effort from users. 

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