High-Tech That Reaches New Highs: 7 Chart-Topping Weed Gadgets of 2022

Long gone are the days of mediocre pipes and dull cannabis accessories. In today’s high-tech flower-friendly world, you can find products that are both efficient and bragworthy. Not only do futuristic green gadgets look fascinating, but they also elevate your smoking experience. So whether you are searching for a gift for that discerning stoner or just want to bring your smoke session to the next level, here are seven chart-topping accessories.

MJ Arsenal’s mini bubblers

When it comes to dab rigs, smaller is better. Miniature pieces from MJ Arsenal offer limited airflow, enhancing the flavor of concentrates and lengthening your session. MJ Arsenal’s mini rigs also feature sophisticated filtration and intricate percolators. Their large selection of handblown mini rigs offers a piece in every design from minimalist to futuristic.

Smart grinder and rolling machine from Otto

Grinding dried herb by hand is a thing of the past. Now, high-tech gadgets automate the process, grinding your flower to the perfect consistency every time. The Otto machine also has the ability to roll joints, so you can finally say goodbye to sloppy handiwork. To use, fill the grinding chamber with your strain of choice. Then, place a cone of any size in the space below. The grinder will adjust the speed and strength of grinding based on the quality and texture of the herb used.

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The PAX 2 is a modest handheld vape perfect for discreet smokers and traveling stoners alike. The product uses internal heating to burn dry herb with no flame necessary and features a sleek design. Unlike other rechargeable vapes, the PAX 2 has a long-lasting battery for up to two hours, so even a persistent smoker can get six sessions with one charge.

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KEEP cannabis safe

The Canadian company KEEP makes its products with one specific mission in mind, to keep herb responsibly stored and out of the hands of children. Their cannabis safe does just that while appealing to plenty of tech-savvy stoners. The streamlined product connects to a smartphone app, so consumers can remotely monitor and adjust temperature and humidity. You can also set notifications to track dosing and get alerts anytime the box is opened or closed.

The DoobTool

The Swiss Army of herbal accessories, the DoobTool features ten different tools, including a grinder, herbal brush, roach clip, and dab tool. The nifty gadget even has a space to carry vaporizers or pipes, as well as a tray to hold flower. When you are done with your smoke session, fold the tool back up, and the case becomes its own self-contained smell-proof container.

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Smoke Trap +

If you happen to live with roommates, pets, or just don’t appreciate the lingering odor of burnt herb, the Smoke Trap + is the perfect gadget for you. To use, simply exhale smoke into the mouthpiece and the internal air filters eliminate all evidence of cannabis. The air filters last up to 500 uses and are replaceable, so you won’t feel guilty about single-use items. To make the product even greener, the Smoke Trap + is made from eco-friendly silver and produces zero plastic waste.

The Grobo grow box

For those looking to grow their herb at home, the Grobo box is the perfect starter kit. The product comes fully assembled with LED lights, odor-locking filters, dual intake fans, and a steel lock. The entire system is automated and only requires about 20 minutes or less of maintenance a week. The Grobo box also neatly fits into your home’s decor with its sleek modern design.

Final thoughts

As technology progress, so too does the herbal industry. With these seven high-tech green gadgets, your smoking experience will reach near-futuristic highs.

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