The Pure Truth: 7 Reasons You Should Buy a Purebred Dog

Purebred Dog

Dogs are an essential part of many countless lives. As a “furry baby” to their loving pet parents, the day in the life of a dog–despite popular belief–is no walk in the park. From participating in snuggle sessions to standing guard for rogue mail carriers, your pup will quickly become an irreplaceable part of your family. But, believe it or not, the role your canine companion plays in the family could be decided, in part, by their purebred status.

For those soon-to-be dog owners wrestling with the question “purebred or mixed breed,” you’ll want to approach this decision with all the information. While you may have your eye on a Labradoodle, Puggle, or Cockapoo, the benefits of buying a purebred, like those highlighted below, may just give you paws for thought.

Your dog’s breeder is an extended family member and a great resource

Reputable breeders, like a trained lab breeder, are passionate about the breeds under their watch. As a result, these puppy pros are fully invested in raising healthy, happy puppies that will make great pets for people in the community. After you take your puppy home, you become part of the breeder’s family, meaning they’ll address any questions or concerns about your new pet.

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Purebred dogs have predictable health throughout their lives

Mixed breeds may inherit various health problems because of their diverse lineage. But if you buy a purebred dog, you’ll know what you’re getting when it comes to health一the good and the bad. Additionally, it’s often easier to find information about your dog’s health and temperament when you get them from a breeder because they’re monitoring the breeding process closely.

Pure breeds have predictable traits

When you purchase a pure breed, you’re guaranteed the traits that go with that breed.

For example, suppose you’re in the market for a family-friendly dog like a Golden Retriever or a poodle. In that case, you’ll want to steer clear of breeds like these and ensure you feel confident that your canine companion of choice is bred to have an even-keeled temperament–suitable for homes with young children.

Breeders will take your puppy back if you can’t parent them anymore

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue is an excellent option for people who want to give a home to a deserving pup. But if you decide to buy a purebred puppy, the breeder will take your pup back if you can’t provide care for them.

Why? As mentioned prior, breeders are highly invested in the well-being of the dogs, which is why they’ll stop at nothing to find pups from their litter a perfect-fit home.

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You know your pup’s health history through their parents and pedigree

Purebred dog breeders breed their dogs with one goal in mind: to produce the best possible animal. When you buy purebred, you reap the benefit of the parent’s health history, information that dictates which treatments, veterinary or home remedies, are good options for your dog.

Purebred dogs are bred for specific traits

When it comes down to it, purebred dogs are genetically engineered to be a perfect fit in your family. That way, you won’t feel ambushed by unexpected traits that don’t jive with your curious and high-energy little ones.

Your puppy’s training starts before you meet

When you adopt your puppy, its training has already started. The breeder watched your puppy’s behavior and began training them, so they’re ready to move into their new home when the time comes. If a purebred puppy is aware of basic commands at a young age, your furry friend will be easier to train moving forward.

Wrap up

Adopting is always an option, but buying a purebred dog from a reputable breeder will offer you the most reliable experience and will help you take the best possible care of your new pup. Knowing your dog’s needs ahead of time will help you find the right dog for you to love.

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