8 Easy Ways to Prevent the Spread of Flu in Restaurants

Flu in Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, it’s essential that you take the health of both your employees and your customers into consideration.

When it comes to the flu, it can spread very quickly. Having precautionary steps in place at your restaurant can help to protect against the spread of the flu virus.

Have Sick Workers Stay Home

One of the best measures of prevention that you can take against fighting the flu at your restaurant is to have a no-work policy when you’re sick.

Whenever your employees are sick with the flu, they should not be showing up to work because they handle other people’s food.

Have Hand Sanitizer Available

Another great way to prevent transferring the flu virus is to have hand sanitizer stations available. They should be available towards the back of the house when the waiters and waitresses are coming in and out. Plus, you should have these stations located near the entrance for your customers to freely use.

Make Every Cleaning a Thorough One

When it comes to cleaning your restaurant, you likely think about the dishes and the floor. The reality is that the flu virus can live on many different surfaces.

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It’s very important that you sanitize areas like doorknobs, bathroom faucets, and even chairs.

Have Contactless Pick-Up

If you’re dealing with a lot of pick-up orders, you may want to consider installing a food pick-up locker from Grubbrr. This minimizes the amount of contact that your employees have with customers who are picking up food.

Make Cleaning a Top Priority

A large contributor to prevent the spreading of the flu is having systems in place for cleaning. Services that are touched often, like tabletops and chairs, should be disinfected frequently. The quicker these areas are cleaned after they’re used, the less likely it is for anybody to get the flu virus from touching them.

Spread Out Patrons

Keeping patrons far away from one another can help to limit their exposure to airborne flu particles. Always make it a necessity to seat parties away from one another whenever you have the space to do so.

Create Safe Menus

Your menus are one item that every customer is going to be touching when they come to your restaurant. You can create safe menus by constructing disposable ones that get thrown out after the customers are done using them. Or, you could opt for menus that have an outer layer of plastic that can be easily wiped down between uses.

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Encourage the Flu Vaccine

Another great way to prevent spreading of the flu virus is to encourage employees to get the flu vaccine. You can do this by providing information about where they can get a free vaccine or even offer to pay for the vaccine to help protect against flu outbreaks at your business.

Restaurants are a place that attracts a lot of different people, which means a lot of different bacteria that could cause the flu. By implementing the tips that we went over above, you can help to make your restaurant safer for both your employees and your customers.

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