A list of the world’s greatest major sites


To monitor the development of 메이저사이트, Council has hired a Major Site Monitoring Officer. This officer works to ensure that developer contributions are paid on time and to coordinate with infrastructure providers. The monitoring officer is also responsible for overseeing the major system, which includes the provision of sanitary plumbing, heating, electricity, and lead paint abatement.

The Big Spring

Big Spring is the county seat of Howard County, Texas, and is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 87 and Interstate 20. The city is home to a population of 27,282 as of the 2010 census. It is the largest city between Midland and Abilene, Lubbock, and San Angelo.

The first recorded mention of the spring was in 1849 by Captain R.B. Marcy on his way to Fort Smith, Arkansas. The area was populated by Spanish explorers in the late 17th century, and Native American groups, including the Comanches, visited the area much earlier. There are even carvings from 1917 that indicate that it was a favorite spot for cattle drivers.


One of the most interesting historical sites in Jordan is al-Maghtas, where Jesus Christ was baptized. It has great significance for the Christian faith and has drawn pilgrims and priests from all over the world. It is believed that Jesus’ baptism took place here in the 4th century CE. As a result, the site has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The area has churches, monk dwellings, and prayer rooms. In addition, there are baptism pools where priests perform rites. Almost every day, baptism takes place in the area. Visitors can also enjoy the view of Jordan and Israel from the area.

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Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo-Daro is one of the 메이저사이트 archaeological sites in India. Unlike the city of Harappa, which had a series of city walls, Mohenjo-Daro had a single city perimeter and was fortified with guard towers and defensive fortifications on the south and west sides of the main settlement. This prehistoric site was an administrative center for the ancient Indus Valley Civilization and is one of the oldest cities in the world. The city had large assembly halls, a public bath, and other structures that were similar to those found in Harappa.

The site lies about 2 miles from the Indus River and was protected by artificial barriers. It was divided into twelve blocks ranging from 1,260 to 750 feet in length. Each block was subdivided by straight lanes and was approximately 20 to 40 feet high. In ancient times, this site was built in brick and was surrounded by a flood plain that covered most of the ridge.

Pyramid of Kukulkan

The Pyramid of Kukulkan is one of the most famous ruins at Chic hen Itza in Mexico. It is 24 meters high and 58-9 meters wide, with nine levels. It has four stairways that lead up to the summit building, which is decorated with jaguar relief panels and round shields. Each stairway has 91 steps, so there are a total of 365 steps. The shape of the stairways, which cross over the square base of the pyramid, resembles the Maya sign for zero.

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The Pyramid of Kukulkan was built to celebrate the god Kukulcan, or Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. The god visited the site twice a year during the time of equinox to grant blessings for a good harvest and good health. At the base of the pyramid, you can hear the sound of chirping birds, which echoes the call of the sacred quetzal bird.

Cave temples

Buddhist caves are some of the world’s most beautiful sites. They are hand-carved in the mountains of India and are home to more than 2,000 brightly painted clay sculptures depicting scenes of daily life and social harmony. The caves are located in the mountain of Mogao. These sites are a must-see for any traveler. They are home to the largest collection of Buddhist art in the world.

The interior of the cave was partly filled over several centuries. The local people then built a masonry floor on top of the debris, forming a Hindu temple. Today, visitors can walk into the cave and marvel at its remarkably beautiful vaulted ceiling. The ceiling is adorned with truncated pillars, and a link, an image of Shiva, is worshiped inside.

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