Debunking the Most Common Laptop Ownership Myths That Exist Today

In 2019, the global laptop market stood at $84.73 billion, projected to reach $86.670 billion by 2027. Going by the figures above, a lot of people are opting to use laptops for their computational needs. However,…

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bathroom decor

The Top 5 Bathroom Upgrades for Home Design

Do you know that homebuyers consider bathrooms and kitchens as the most important places in the home? It’s not a surprise why research identifies these two home areas as the best selling points of a…

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8 Reasons to Integrate Cybersecurity Into Core Business Processes

The threat of hacking remains prevalent on the internet. Cyberhackers continue to prey on unsuspecting victims. Isn’t it about time you integrate cybersecurity into your core business processes? With the ever-growing cases of cyber hacking…

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digital mailboxes

6 Post-Pandemic Tech Trends Here for the Long Haul

From work to school to socialization, the pandemic changed nearly every aspect of daily life. Many of us adapted to a trial by fire regarding the technology that has defined the past two years of…

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Video Editing

5 Need-To-Know Video Editing Tips for New Business Owners

Have you ever browsed YouTube videos, clicked on something that seemed interesting, then clicked right off because something seemed off? This is because you’ve got only one-tenth of a second to make an impression. So it’s important…

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Website Traffic

How To Check & Compare Website Traffic and Why It’s Important: A Guide

The eCommerce industry is truly enormous, with sales in the sector expected to reach an astonishing $4.891 trillion globally in 2021. That’s 14.3 percent more than the sales generated in 2020. With the growth of…

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123 movies

123 Movies Review

123 movies is among the various online movie sites that work by providing users with free movies as long as they have a good internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone. The website has…

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