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Whether you want it or not, you want to backup Office 365 Groups! In virtual workspaces, especially now with the adoption of Groups and Microsoft Teams, injuries are sure to happen. Files are misplaced or corrupted, vintage conversations that have been deleted abruptly emerge as applicable again, and in a worst-case state of affairs, a whole workspace is by accident deleted.

In a preceding submission, I protected Microsoft’s local alternatives for backing up and restoring your SharePoint Online information. So, what’s the distinction between Office 365 Groups vs SharePoint? Nothing! The identical good judgment applies to Office 365 Groups: Microsoft plays backups two times an afternoon in your complete Office 365 deployment, and on the way to get better deleted Office 365 Group or repair information that has been eliminated from the Office 365 Groups recycle bin, you have to publish an assist price tag inside 14 days of deletion. More importantly, local repair alternatives require you to carry out an in-region repair, even in case you’re sincerely seeking to get a better file.

As with SharePoint Online, local alternatives aren’t sufficient for corporations that want the cap potential to fast and flexibly backup and repair Office Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams backup. So, what are you able to do?

If you ever did a short seek “delete Office 365 Groups PowerShell command” or “the way to get better Office 365 Group”, lots of posts from TechNet and Microsoft Tech Community display up; to the factor in which you experience hopeless! Well, seek no greater! In this submission, I’m going to stroll thru AvePoint’s technique to backup Office 365 Groups and without difficulty get better documents and conversations.

Backup and Quickly Restore Office 365 Groups with AvePoint

Through Do cave Online Backup and Restore, directors can backup Office 365 Group libraries and mailboxes in their entirety, or granularly at any factor in time. This flexibility helps you to get over any loss — whether or not it’s a complete mailbox, library, or an unmarried communique or file. Here’s the way it works:

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Backup Office 365 Group Files and Conversations

Schedule or run advert hoc backups of your Group documents and conversations. The choice to do both complete or incremental backups helps you to image a whole deployment or simply the adjustments revamped for a designated duration of time. This is achieved withinside the shape of a stored plan that may be reused and blended with different plans to run sequentially or in parallel.

Granular backup saves your Office 365 Groups content material to proprietary .back documents in a custom garage coverage. With this approach, you could upload retention coverage for every backup and, greater importantly, save your backups anywhere. Put them in Azure or use some other cloud garage vendor. You may even save them on vintage server surroundings thru FTP or SFTP in case you don’t need to buy a greater cloud garage.

Restore Office 365 Groups: Files and Conversations

In sum, with Do cave Online, you’ve got the choice to convey again a whole Office 365 Group library, mailbox, unmarried file, or unmarried communique. All information is restored with complete fidelity — which means documents preserve metadata which includes custom column values and ultimate edit history.

Conversations are restored with their attachments in chronological order in the mailbox. Lastly, while you repair Office 365 Group documents thru Do cave Online, you furthermore might get an automated battle decision for item-based columns and content material types, workflow definitions, and versions.

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Try it Yourself! Start Your 30-day loose trial and backup Office 365 Groups now!

Don’t simply take our phrase for it. Try Do cave Online loose for 30 days! As a 100% Microsoft Cloud-primarily based SaaS solution, there are 0 setups required. Simply join your Office 365 account to get started.

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