Best and certified Lab Grown Diamonds

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best manmade diamonds

Buyers can be skeptical of even the finest lab-grown diamonds, and for good reason. You may question whether lab-grown ones are as effective as organics found in nature. There’s a lot to be said for being very ‘authentic’ in an eco-friendly way.

Lab-grown diamonds are more ethical than the traditional option of buying fresh and best manmade diamonds (no mining, and many companies use renewable energy and emit zero emissions to produce these stones). The fact that there is maybe their greatest asset. Being able to stretch your budget even further without necessarily compromising quality is another benefit of lab-grown food. Engagement rings can cost a lot of money, so extra savings can add up quickly.

Best Lab Grown Diamonds

Vary boasts diamonds that are not only zero-emission and eco-friendly but also hand-carved and polished by skilled craftsmen with years of experience. Vary diamonds have some of the finest and most brilliant cuts available and show attention to detail.

All lab-grown diamonds are treated the same as mined diamonds when it comes to grading. Once ready, they are sent to independent gem labs, where they are certified by experts. Each of our diamonds is graded according to the 4 C’s:

Color, cut, clarity, carat, and each stone is certified by the best independent laboratories and diamond classification bodies.

Best Lab-Grown Diamonds for Custom Pieces

The bespoke service offered by Brilliant Earth sets it apart from its competitors and adds even more value to its exceptional gemstones. The steps are easy.

Choose from lab-grown diamonds or manmade diamonds UK, settings, and metals in nearly every size, cut, color, and price (everything from platinum to rose gold). This jeweler offers a virtual consultation with a diamond expert to learn more about lab-grown diamonds and speed up the decision-making process. Check this page to see what specials and promotions Brilliant Earth is currently offering.

Certified Lab Grown Diamonds

Create lab-grown diamonds using minute carbon nuclei from existing diamonds. The conditions in which diamonds naturally form in the mantle beneath the crust are replicated in these lab-grown diamonds using state-of-the-art engineering methods. The carbon atoms that make up these man-made diamonds are organized into the diamond’s characteristic crystal structure. Because they are made of the same material, they have the same optical and chemical properties as real diamonds.

Visually, chemically, and physically, lab-grown diamonds are the same as mined diamonds. These diamonds are tested in the same way as mined diamonds because this technology reflects how real diamonds are created geologically.

By introducing high pressure and temperature into a vacuum chamber containing carbon, the carbon melts to form diamond “seeds.” This process takes him four weeks instead of a billion years, at which point the stone is ready for grinding and polishing.

The same criteria used to grade traditional diamonds are also used to grade lab-grown diamonds. For over three generations, we have sourced and supplied the finest diamonds to our discerning and loyal customers. This fourth generation is responsible for mining and delivering diamonds around the world with a commitment and passion for the industry.

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