Best Virtual Business Address Service Providers in 2021

Virtual Business Address

If you are someone who started his business in 2020 or 2021 one of the things to consider is making the business remote.

Cost Optimization is a serious thing that is worth considering for businesses of any nature to survive in the long run.

Here are some stats that will shake the land beneath your feet as you read this.

  • The average annual income of remote workers is $4,000 higher than that of other workers.
  • According to allowing the employees to work from home half the time can save employers around $11,000 per employee (source)
  • Remote workers can save around $7000 a year

Without a shadow of a doubt, looking at these stats one can draw that remote working is here to stay.

One of the things that really helps with setting up the remote working infrastructure for your business is a virtual business address

In the article, we will go through some virtual business address service providers you may need to consider

  1. Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is an incredible virtual business address management service that allows you to manage your postal online.

Starting at just $5.99 per month this service is available at 1,233 locations that you get to choose from. The locations are available in the United States, Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Oceania.

Your business address is a vital component, as Execu-Suites explains in this article.

How does it work?

  • Select your location: You have to choose the real street address that the service provides from its list of locations.
  • Select a Service Plan that is right for you, remember the service starts at just $5.99
  • Manage your mail: You can directly manage the mails your virtual business address receives via your mobile or desktop you will be alerted via the app notifications.
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What are the features?

  • Real street address
  • Global Network
  • Mail and packaging forwarding
  • Check deposit
  • Open and scan mail (PDFs)
  • Free unlimited online storage
  1. Postcan Mail

Access your mail 24/7/365 with Postscan Mail that’s what this great virtual business address management service allows you to do.

Some of the interesting features of Postscan Mail are

  • 400+ mailing addresses to choose from, once your package is received at your mailing address, your items are scanned and uploaded to your online mailbox account.
  • Regardless of where you are in the world, this service will allow you to get your item for local pickup, you can even open, scan, and add unwanted junk mail.
  • Postscan Mail comes with a webmail solution for you to manage your virtual address that is accessible by any mobile or tablet of your choice. You can install the webmail application on Playstore and iTunes too.

They provide locations across the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Grenada, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The service starts at just $15 per month. The features available in the starter plan are satisfactory for a startup.

In the starter plan, there is one recipient only, you can receive 30 items from which you can scan 5 items. If you are expanding and growing big then the best plan to go with is a premium plan that will cost you just $30 per month.

In this plan you can receive unlimited emails, you can scan 20 items and get this, there can be 6 recipients.

  1. Incfile

Get a fixed virtual address for your business with Incfile

Incfile keeps your real address private, makes sure that your crucial business data isn’t lost in transit while relocating the business. Only large letters and envelopes are collected by Incfile which they scan and send to the customer’s mailbox.

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Some of the additional services that come with Incfile are

  • Free LLC filing
  • Amendment / Name change
  • Dissolution
  • Foreign qualification
  • DBA
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Business license search
  • IRS Filings
  1. Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is an old player that’s been in-game since 2011. Traveling Mailbox collects, opens, scans and even shreds the mails that your virtual business address receives.

What’s more? They even forward the received mail to whichever location you ask them to forward to. You get your scans in PDF format

What are the features?

  • Get a real physical address
  • Global access to your mailbox from anywhere in the world as long as you have an active internet connection
  • You can send PDF files to services such as Google Drive,, Evernote, and Dropbox

What are the locations that you get?

  • Midwest
  • Northeast
  • Southeast
  • Southwest
  • West

Is it affordable?

You bet it is, Traveling Mailbox starts at just $15 per month. At the basic plan you can receive 40 incoming envelopes per month, 35-page scans per month, there can be 3 mailbox recipients, and free email shredding.

If you are a business that is expanding, then I would highly recommend you to go with a small business plan that comes at $55 per month, you can receive 200 incoming envelopes per month, 180 page scans per month, there can be 10 mailbox recipients and unlimited cloud storage.

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