Crucial tips which can help you to draw a dog portrait

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Pet portrait refers to the art of picturizing your pet. There are millions of people who believe that pets are great companions for humans. Humans are not stable, but pets are constant, and the art of pet portrait allows you to build the memory with your pet. You might have seen these portraits of the pets on the wall of someone’s house because these portraits embrace the warmth of the house and also make your home attractive.

There are many ways of doing pet portraits, but some of the most prominent methods are oil painting, colored sketches, and many others. You can use these pet paintings to describe your emotion towards your pets. There is no need for being too experienced for this work because there is a lot of equipment available which has the potential to make you easy.

There are many people who don’t even know the basics of the pet portrait. So, in this article, we will discuss the tips which can help you in painting your dog quickly. If you are going to make a portrait of the dog, then this article is for you.

How to draw a dog?

It doesn’t matter that the dog you are picturizing is of which breed because all the steps and tips will remain constant in the dog of every breed. It is not a complicated process anymore, and you can do this work easily by following all the steps. You just have to create a dog drawing or dog art with the help of his photo. Below mentioned are some of the popular steps which can help you in this work.

How to draw a dog head?

It is the first step you should follow for a successful dog portrait. You can quickly draw the head of the dog by reading these tips. You just have to draw it with the use of some geometric shapes. There are numerous steps which you should follow for preparing a realistic portrait of your dog.

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Besides all these steps, initially, you have to make a circle for the skull of the dog, add a muzzle in it, and then a nose which will take some time to make it clear. After completing the structure of the nose, you should begin to draw the skull of the dog quickly.

Now, add his ear in the sketch and start to give a proper shape to his forehead. After following all these steps, you have to draw his eyes, and details about this point are mentioned below.

How to draw dog eyes

Drawing the eyes of the dog is such a complicated process, but there is a solution to this problem, with the help of which you can easily draw the eyes of the dogs. The first step should be using editing software for the picture of the dog.

You can brighten the reference photo with the help of which you are drawing the portrait. It will help you see the structure of the dog’s eye clearly. If you are unable to set the proper position for the eye, then simply draw a line that divides the face of the dog into two halves.

Now, add two circles in both halves and simply start to draw the eyelids. One thing which you should keep in mind is that the upper eyelid of every dog covers the eyeball. This is the whole procedure for drawing the perfect eyes of your pet.

How to draw a dog nose

Majority of people remain unsuccessful in drawing the nose of the dog because they don’t follow any tip and do their work randomly. The key tip for drawing a nose of the dog is that you should make your entire focus on the texture of the nose.

 If you don’t focus on the nose of the dog, then you will just see a solid black part, but when you pay close attention to his nose, then you will see that it tends to be covered in some cracks, bumps, and many other factors. If you draw the nose according to the entire detail, then you will be able to draw the portrait in a realistic way.

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How to draw a dog body

If you are preparing a portrait of the dog, then you should understand the antinomy of the dog. These are the most helpful tips which can make your work of preparing the portrait easy. If you apply this tip, then you will easily draw a realistic portrait.

The only factor which you should keep in mind while preparing the structure of the body is the differences between the muscles and breeds. You can also use geometric shapes in the body also as per the skull. Initially, you should sketch the bones of the dog roughly and then start to add some lines which are representing the muscles of the body. The structure of muscles always depends on the breed.

How to draw the fur?

After the completion of all the above-mentioned steps, it will be the most difficult part of drawing the portrait of the dog. One factor which you need to understand is that the body of the dog is covered with numerous coats of fur which start from many different points, also end at other different points, which leads to making you confused while preparing the portraits.

So, you must make sure that your portrait is showing all the different coats of the fur of the dog. You should also draw the details where the coats are overlapping one another or the dog’s undercoat. This is the last step for preparing the portrait of your dog.

If you are willing to paint your dog, then this article is for you. One factor for which you must have to ensure that you have the proper equipment for preparing the portrait or not because this equipment will play an important role in your painting.

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