Digital Marketing Strategies for Jewelry Business That You Should Know In 2022

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has attracted a lot of attention over the past few years. That’s because of the efficient techniques that are used to advertise products.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused many companies to close or show down their businesses. Those that survived only did so with the aid of digital marketing. As a result, digital marketing has proved to be the most successful way to promote products.

That’s because it connects a business with ideal clients when they’re on Google through SEO and PPC. And when they’re on social media through social media marketing as well as email marketing. Every business needs digital marketing as it comes with a lot of benefits. 

Digital Marketing Strategies for Jewelry Businesses

Good digital marketing strategies are those that empower brands. And great digital marketing strategies are those that empower the client. This phrase is particularly true if you’re in the jewelry industry, selling precious stones like diamond rings or emerald necklaces. If you are going to ask why. Well, that’s because the clients are treated like kings and queens in this industry.

But even with that being said, digital marketing for selling diamond jewelry or any other accessories in the industry is not simple. However, you have nothing to worry about. Read on to know the strategies that you must incorporate into your jewelry business in 2022.

1. Build a Social Media Presence

Social media presence is a good digital marketing strategy for a jewelry business selling wedding day diamonds or rubies. 

Being active on social media helps to boost your brand’s awareness. So take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. These platforms will help you to promote, educate, and engage your followers.

One of the important things to keep in mind is to monitor your accounts more frequently. To benefit from social media marketing, you need to do more than just post. You must also reply to users when they engage with your posts. 

It will also be good if you share content from others on your page. Remember that nobody likes it if all you do is talk about yourself. It is better to use your platform to answer queries about your lab-grown diamonds or talk about their differences from mined ones. Doing so will allow you to promote social awareness as well.

2. Ensure Your Website is Easy to Navigate

As a jeweler, having a modern website will help you to attract more clients. So if your website isn’t user-friendly and up to date, you should begin there! Note that your website says something about you. And as such, people will judge your jewelry store by the impression you make online.

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Even if you don’t sell your diamond jewelry online, you need to have an aesthetically appealing site. It must be modern and easy to navigate. Even if you’re not selling your diamond jewelry online, take some pictures and update the site. You can then include a note that it is only available in-store.

You must also ensure that your website has visible contact details. Every page must have business hours and your location. If it doesn’t, potential clients will get frustrated and leave. Also, you should consider adding a contact form. It helps by making it easy for visitors who have questions. 

3. Use Facebook Advertising

Use Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is unlike search engine advertising. Rather than use keyword searches, Facebook utilizes a user’s tendency to scroll through the news feed. While scrolling, ads pop up between posts from followers or liked pages.

The ads are based on a user’s browsing habits, interests, and what they “like ” on the platform. They’re also based on various demographics, which can range from age, gender, job title, or location.

Once you’ve created a business page and an ad account, add Facebook’s retargeting pixel to your site. A retargeting pixel is a line of code that should be placed in a website’s footer. To know when someone goes to your site, simply set up an event tracking.

The event tracking will also allow you to know your target audience in terms of their demographic and location. It makes it easy to choose the type of ad you want to display and the advertising budget.

If using Facebook ads is more technical, hire a social media advertising expert. The expert will ensure your business goals use that information for targeting and the optimization of ads. They will also give you analytics to show a return on your investment.

Experts will allow you to filter the ones you want to show a diamond stud earring stud ad vs an emerald one, for example.

4. Use Business Directories Listings

In a perfect world, the phrase “build it and they will come work”. But it’s not a perfect world and that’s why you need effective jewelry or diamond accessory marketing ideas. It doesn’t matter that you run a brick-and-mortar store or an online store. You have to list the business wherever it makes sense to do that.

Online business directories are a good idea, especially for a small business. That’s because they are free to use and include the most important information. That’s the name, address, and phone number. You’re also at liberty to include information like your website and business hours.

Get online business directories that are relevant to your jewelry business and add your listing to each one. Make sure you keep track of the directories you listed your business in. Also, update all the listings whenever changes occur. You can make updates, for instance, when you change your brand name. 

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5. Email Marketing

This strategy requires you to collect email addresses. People might tell you that there’s no point in purchasing an email list. That’s because it’s a huge waste of money and a headache of legal issues. Also, the people you’re emailing may not have asked for an email and so they’ll delete or sperm it.

So instead of an email list, how about a newsletter sign-up sheet on your website? Start by explaining to clients what they should expect to receive from you. This may take a little longer to build a nice size list. But it will open rates and you’ll notice that engagements are higher.

So what should a jeweler send in their emails? Well, you can send special offers and sales. You can also send related topics like accessories that match certain types of diamonds.

6. Use of Videos

Using videos will help you to tell a million stories in every frame. Compelling videos that convert will help you to connect with the audience. It will also help to push them down the marketing funnel.

Start by creating a YouTube channel and use optimized videos to attract subscribers. The optimized videos show up on a user’s feed based on the keywords they entered. It is also best to take advantage of your product’s features like how your diamond jewelry set sparkles when hit by light.

The use of videos as a digital marketing strategy comes with a lot of creative freedom. This is due to the luxurious and fun aspect of jewelers. Keep your target audience in mind by creating thought-provoking snippets through video campaigns. This is guaranteed to bring in more subscribers and build your brand image.

7. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC advertising is an excellent strategy for promoting that wedding jewelry store. PPC advertising is unlike the traditional form of advertising. It makes it easy for you to target who, where, and when your ads get shown.

This strategy gives a jeweler control over the advertising campaign. The ads get shown beside Google search results. Also, advertisers only pay for clicks and not impressions. Using PPC ads enables you to gauge the success of certain aspects of your campaign. You can also collect data that will enable you to make an analysis.   

Final Take Away

When it comes to digital marketing for jewelry businesses, it’s safe to say that the world is your oyster. This is because of the wide variety of creative campaigns and ads that you can incorporate into your strategies. We know that the strategies here will help take your business to the next level if incorporated. Good luck!

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