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As the second step in the Cisco Certification Exam Trilogy, CCNP Certification in Jeddah is naturally a little more difficult than CCNA Exam, but as long as you study hard and consolidate it, it’s easy to pass it at one time. Here, I would like to share my experience of passing the Cisco CCNP Exam(online for training) at one time, hoping to be helpful to you.

1. [before the studying] First ask yourself, what is the purpose of learning CCNP?

If you are a college student, a technical secondary school student or a vocational high school student, most of the purpose is to obtain a certification, learn more useful knowledge and skills, get a good job and have a good start. In this way, solid basic theory and skilled basic experimental operation should be put in the first place. Don’t pay attention to every knowledge point. Knowledge is not achieved overnight. It takes time to run in and combine with the actual project.

If you are an office worker, the purpose is mostly to prove their professionalism through certification or to achieve a better development platform. Then they should focus on the deepening of theory and experiment.

If you want to switch to another industry, you should learn as much as the students in school. With a clear learning direction, it’s much easier to do next.

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2. You’d better go through the book yourself before you go to have the training classes.

You don’t need to read it very carefully. The key is to read the knowledge points of the book as a whole and leave an impression in your mind. Have a general understanding of the whole Cisco CCNP System. For basic concepts and basic theories, it’s best to think about them first. If you don’t understand, leave a mark (so that you can go to class with questions). That’s enough. You can go to have classes.

3. [during the studying]

It’s best to prepare a notebook to record the teacher’s lecture framework, key points, difficult points and engineering experience, which are very useful for later review. It can help you recall the learned knowledge. It’s not necessary to record all the knowledge points. However, the problems that the teacher focuses on, difficult problems and repeated problems must be recorded in the notebook.

In addition, the most important thing is that when teachers are talking about a certain knowledge point in class, they will explain some relevant engineering experience. This is the most valuable. Engineering experience is not learned from books. It is very valuable for future employment interviews.

In addition, it is also necessary to communicate with students. In the process of learning, I often discuss experiments with students and learn from each other.

4. [after the studying]

After each class, you’d better go back and have a look at the knowledge you just learned. This is the second reading. With the teacher’s explanation, the effect should be much better this time. Read all the knowledge in the book and think about it!

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5. The experiment should be done as soon as possible and carefully.

Every time you finish a course, such as the routing course in the past two weeks, you’d better do the routing experiment immediately every day. You’d better not delay. With the time goes by, you will forget the previous knowledge, and the cycle of learning CCNP is also much longer.

6. Do the question bank seriously

Finally, question bank is actually a good learning material. Don’t take it as a simple reading material, which makes it the same as the college exam.

The biggest difference between certification exam and college exam is the practicability of the content. Generally, what you learn in the certification exam is the technology you will use in your future work. A good grasp will play an obvious role in future work. Therefore, for the question bank, we should think carefully and refer to the book for each question. If you can do 90% of the questions correctly by yourself, you are qualified in theory.

7. Finally, go to the examination room and just take the exam

8. If you study according to the above similar methods, you will find that it can be so easy to pass CCNP Exam at one time.


The above is only my personal learning methods and experience of CCNP, for reference only!

The experience is for reference only. If you need to solve specific problems (especially in legal, medical and other fields), you are recommended to consult professionals in relevant fields in detail.

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