golf sunglass prescription

Wearing golf sunglasses with enhanced contrast may take your game to a whole new level. The

appropriate pair of golf sunglasses will provide the necessary protection while also improving

your field of vision, making them an absolute must for a day out on the green. Shopping for golf

sunglasses or golf sunglass prescription online at you may choose from a variety of options.

Our golf sunglasses and prescription eyewear come in a wide range of designs and frame

materials, so you’re sure to discover the perfect pair. If you’re looking for a new pair of golf

sunglasses has you covered no matter how skilled you are.


It’s important to have a quality pair of golf sunglasses that will allow you to see the sand traps

before you even step onto the green. Ensure that the frame is not too heavy and may be worn

comfortably by paying close attention to its construction. Rubber grips on the temples and the

nose pad provide a secure fit, and straight temples make the glasses easier to wear under a cap or visor.

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In order to keep your eyes safe during all 18 holes, you’ll need lenses with the broadest possible

coverage. The circular frame and the elevated lenses provide protection from the sun’s UV rays.

If you want better depth perception and clearer vision when golfing, you need lenses with

contrast enhancement and a mirror coating.


Are you always searching for new strategies to enhance your golf game? Because of

advancements in frame and lens technology, the top brands and frames will continue to cater

to your vision and prescription demands while you are out on the course.

At we have compiled a list of the finest prescription golf sunglasses available this year,

along with an explanation of why our favorites meet the criteria for being the best.



Do you feel like you don’t know where to start when it comes to purchasing golf sunglasses

online? You have nothing to worry about since we will take care of everything for you. Have a

look at the lists and blog entries that our Sports Opticians here at have compiled, which

include the best of the very best in each category. These may be found in the categories that

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are mentioned below.

Polycarbonate Polarized

Polarized to reduce eye fatigue and glare, shatterproof lenses that conform to industrial

requirements, one hundred percent UV protection, and anti-reflective coating.

Trivex ®

A lens with premium resistance to shattering that is clearer than polycarbonate and almost as

transparent as glass. The method known as color boosting makes colors seem more vibrant;

Anti-reflective coating and protection against 100 percent of UV rays.


If you use polarized glasses, the horizontal glare that is reflected off of flat surfaces like

highways, water, and beaches will be eliminated, making your experience more pleasant and

reducing the amount of eye strain you experience.

However, we were advised by a few golf pros that polarized glasses might potentially create

distortion, particularly around the greens. In response to this need, we created our golf lens,

which is a non-polarized version of the Trivex Color-Boosting lens designed specifically for


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