How Can Custom Ecommerce App Development Accelerate Your Business Performance

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Here are a few statistics you must know before we get started: 

  • The eCommerce software application market is expected to grow nearly $7.4 billion by the year 2023. 
  • Given the fast growth of eCommerce sales, the global retail eCommerce business is anticipated to reach $7.4 trillion by the year 2025. 
  • Moreover, over 71% of this retail traffic comes from mobile devices which is why major eCommerce and digital retail businesses prefer seeking technical guidance from a reliable eCommerce app development company to get started with their custom business applications. 

Not only do eCommerce apps drive maximum sales and revenue, they act like a single point of contact to make your customers familiar with your products and services. Therefore, if you are running an eCommerce business or are soon going to start one, it’s time you consider investing in custom eCommerce app development to offer tailor made experience to your customers. 

While businesses are already familiar with the applications of custom eCommerce app development, many enterprises don’t realize the infinite benefits of tailor made mobile apps until they embrace them. 

However you don’t need to worry about that because we have a comprehensive list of custom eCommerce app development benefits compiled for you to exhibit how these apps scale your business performance. So let’s get started. 

How Custom eCommerce App Development Scales Your Business Performance

Today’s digital businesses need both custom applications and responsive websites to reach their customers. Custom eCommerce apps help businesses with mobility, secure payments, one-to-one marketing and so much more. 

1. Loyal user base 

One of the primary benefits of custom eCommerce app development is its capability to foster customer loyalty. According to a survey by Adobe, 67% of the online user base who access mobile applications prefer scrolling through their favorite eCommerce products and services. 

As a result, custom eCommerce app development strengthens the user experience and persona between the retail business and customers. Now, If you ask to make your audience download and install your app? 

You just have to start with limited discounts and special offers to gain the traction, once it’s done, make sure your customers don’t go anywhere else. 

2. High personalization 

High level customization is super crucial for sales and can be taken to a whole new level with custom eCommerce app development. You can easily arrange and shape shopping preferences along with saving previous orders and feedback in your eCommerce app. 

This gets a little tricky with an eCommerce website, however, with a tailor made business app, your products and solutions in the app speak the voice of your brand. 

3. Loading time 

When it comes to representing your business to your target market, custom mobile apps are the god. Research shows that users would leave an app or a site if they have to wait over three seconds which is why digital businesses lose over 50% of their customers. 

However, with advanced custom business applications, the page loads faster even with offline access and keeps the visitors engaged. 

How can you make your eCommerce business app load faster? Here’s how:

  • Sort your present loading time and try to reduce it. 
  • Make sure you optimize the media in your page and keep the entire page under the size of 1 Megabyte. 
  • Another step is the research work, to find out what your users want to see in your app as soon as they log in. 
  • Once you make your checklist of your user demands, utilize these features and put them first. 

4. Higher conversion rates 

When you get a bespoke eCommerce app for your business, you get the chance to include any feature or functionality that aligns with your business needs. Apart from this, your users can also access the in-built features in your eCommerce app to enhance and personalize their journey. 

For instance, using the GPS location in your app can help your user find the best deal in the nearby areas or stores. 

5. Low cart abandonment rates 

Shopping Cart abandonment rates are one of the biggest challenges of digital eCommerce enterprises. As per a recent survey, mobile apps have the lowest abandon rate (approximately 20%) as compared to websites. This happens because the checkout process is highly simplified in the eCommerce apps since the user preferences are instantly saved and serve as a reminder for the coming checkouts. 

Furthermore, the details are auto filled saving the customer’s time and efforts and the shopping is done within a few clicks. 

6. Boost retention rates 

Let’s glance through some of the most effective methods for increasing customer retention rate with your custom eCommerce mobile app development:

Reward system: Apps are easier to implement loyalty programs and may entice your customers to return. You can offer a point system to your customers that they can collect to win a free item or free delivery, benefit on future purchases or an early access to new inventory. 

Unique content- large scale enterprises prefer implementing deals that can only be accessed by customers through their mobile apps. For instance, Amazon MiniTv, a content streaming platform that is only available on Amazon eCommerce app. 

Although the benefits mentioned above are some of the primary applications of using custom eCommerce apps, businesses also avail advanced support, increased brand recognition, visibility and more with their business apps. 

Get Started With Your Custom eCommerce Mobile App Today! 

Mobile eCommerce apps are inevitable for modern businesses in today’s digital era. You can easily build a vast marketing network and direct interactions with your customers within the app. To get started, you can reach out to an experienced eCommerce app development company to help you with ana,yzong, planning, designing, developing and deploying your tailor made eCommerce app. 

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