How Do Students Get Fake IDs for Identification?

Fake IDs

Minors may feel pushed to get alcohol in a college town with a strong party scene. As a result, some students go to great lengths to obtain forged identity cards (IDs) or driver’s licenses in order to purchase alcohol on their own.

Daniel (editor’s note: his name and major have been changed to protect his identity) recently overcame obstacles to get a false ID.

“When I want to drink, I usually have an upperclassman buy it for me,” Daniel explained. “However, there are occasions when getting together is difficult; possessing a TopFakeID Fake IDs allows me to attend whenever I want. It provides me with a lot more flexibility.”

Obtaining the ID

Daniel only had to pay the price, which was around $80 to $90, submit a photo that fulfilled certain standards, such as being shot from the waist up and with a plain light background, and provide any information he wanted printed on the false ID. Daniel was notified of these requirements via social media.

Daniel was approached by a member of an organization with whom he is affiliated and asked if he wanted to buy a false ID. While there are a variety of methods to get a false ID, Daniel believes that purchasing one from someone he knows is the safest option. Other options include purchasing them from online vendors or creating them yourself.

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Some Cal Poly students have access to the equipment and resources needed to create false IDs, such as laminators and thick card stock, but not everyone does. As a result, buying one that has been properly manufactured is seen to be safer and easier.

Daniel had to wait many weeks for his ID after paying for it. Because fake IDs are made in bulk, a minimum number of orders must be placed before the merchant can fulfil the full order. These transactions are generally passed down via a long chain of people by word of mouth. The only thing Daniel knew was that the ID was being fabricated out of state.

Until recently, obtaining a false ID necessitated the use of social ties. Things have changed since then. They are available for purchase on a number of websites. These websites charge various prices for IDs depending on the state they’re from – certain states, like California, are more difficult to forge than others, like Ohio — and how many are being purchased. The most common methods of payment are bitcoin or Western Union, a company that allows customers to meet with sellers in person and pay them in cash.

The dangers

Licensed Education on Alcohol and Drugs (LEAD) training is required for most restaurants and bars that sell alcohol. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control offers the LEAD program as a free course. The initiative assists small companies in reducing liability risks and, in certain cases, lowering insurance costs for restaurants. Although many restaurants need this training, the permits received at the conclusion of the course are not valid for a period of time.

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 Fake IDs for Identification

Petra co-owner Rammy Aburashed stated, “We actually capture a lot of individuals with false IDs.” “I believe our beer diversity appeals to them. We have about 16 beers on tap and a large selection of bottles for sale. When we catch someone with fraudulent IDs, however, we have no choice but to contact the cops. Our entire team is quite adept at identifying fakes; they go through their training, and if they sell alcohol to a child, the employee faces a $5,000 fine.”

Daniel is one of the many students who use false IDs to enter places like Petra rather than bars.

“However, I don’t believe I would ever again ‘ever strive to sneak into a bar,” Daniel added. “Since it’s pretty dangerous in certain situations; besides, I think it’s not the right location for me.” I’d rather buy from a shop like BevMo or Petra, which isn’t exactly a bar but nevertheless offers beer and other goods.”

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