How Old Do You Need to Be to Buy Vape Juice in the UK?

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Over the years, smoking and vaping laws in the UK have been constantly changing. Most vapers and retailers are still confused about the vaping laws as the implementation of these laws is vague. Understanding how old you need to be to vape in the UK is of utmost importance. Most laws have been passed in the past few years. As a result, most of the sellers and buyers are still not fully aware of them.

 If you vape, there is a likelihood you’re doing so to lead a healthier lifestyle. But, what are the consequences for violating the UK underage vaping laws? Read on to learn the minimum age required to vape in the UK and what is required of you when buying vape products.

 Laws That Govern Vaping in the UK

 Initially, no laws were prohibiting or limiting the age at which vape juice users could buy vape juice in the UK. As vaping has gained popularity, lawmakers saw the need to add and implement control. In 2015, the lawmakers passed the first laws that governed the legal age of vaping and buying of vaping products.

 Since then, the laws have been revised, with more efforts put into controlling the sale of vape juice to minors. Today, vaping has caught on significantly. Most people trying to quit smoking are now considering vaping as a healthier alternative. With the tremendous preference for vaping, the UK government has put legislation measures in place to ensure minors don’t have access to vape juice and other vape products.

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 It is expected that vaping laws and restrictions will continue to be implemented and enacted. In the near future, more restrictive laws will be put into place to manage the selling of vape juice buyers under the age of 18 years. Therefore, it’s important to be fully aware of such laws to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

 What is the Least Legal Age Required to Buy Vape Juice UK?

 In 2015, the UK lawmakers passed laws aimed at prohibiting the selling of vape products to people under the age of 18 years. Consequently, these laws apply both to high street stores and online websites.

 Today, it’s illegal for an adult to buy vape juice in the UK for underage users. If a retailer is caught trying to sell vape juice UK or e-liquids to a minor, the retailer could be forced to part with a £2500 fine. The laws also prohibit adults to vape in private vehicles while there are underage passengers on board.

 In 2016, the legislation on vaping was made more strict. The additions and changes to the vaping laws included:

 Packaging of vape juice had to be child-resistant and tamper-evident

 The maximum quantity strength was set at 10ml

 Both high street stores and online retailers were guided to register with the healthcare products regulatory agency and get a selling permit

 The maximum size of vape juice refillable tanks was limited to 2ml

 Labeling guidelines and rules were also set

 The vaping laws apply to both in stores and online sellers. Also, the law extends to brands that promote vape juice UK on social media platforms. However, some of these laws apply to the manufacturers of vape juice. It’s therefore important to understand different vaping laws to avoid violating them.

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 Is It Legal to Use Vape Juice if You Had Already Purchased It?

 Vaping laws are continually changing. The UK laws restrict the selling of vape juice to minor users. Yet, there are ongoing debates to establish whether vaping has lifelong health effects. As a result, you can vape if you had already purchased your favourite vape juice brand, strength, or flavour.

 Today, many cigarette users are swapping from regular cigarettes for vape juice as it’s proven to be a healthier alternative. When it comes to vape juice, there’s a lot of choices to consider. There are multiple strengths, brand, and flavour available for you in the market. But, you need to be at least 18 years of age to purchase vape juice in the UK markets.

The bottom line is, the UK has the most stringent vaping laws compared to other countries where vaping is continually picking up. In the UK, all buyers are supposed to meet 18 years of age in order to buy vape juice UK online or in the stores. The rules are already implemented and sellers risk hefty fines if caught trying to sell the vape juice to minors.

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