How to buy the perfect floor lamp for your living room

floor lamp

Floor lamps are exceptional ambient lighting fixtures, but you may be surprised by how versatile these lights are and how functional they can actually be. A floor lamp comes with a lot of advantages, especially in terms of its portability and luminosity, and you also have the ease of using multiple permutations and combinations to decorate your living space. But picking the right floor lamp for your space can be slightly tricky.

You don’t really have to sweat it out as we have got you covered. We take you through a step-by-step process of choosing the practically perfect floor lamp for your home. Although there are a few things that you’ll have to figure out on your own. Start by determining the true purpose of your floor lamp. Despite being decorative, this lighting design can be used for multiple things, and it’s your job to finalise that.

You also need to figure out what works best for your space especially in terms of size as you don’t want a floor lamp that’s totally out of proportion for your living space. Flaunting a larger-than-life floor lamp is something, but having an oversized lighting design is something else entirely. It not only strips your space of its character, but it takes away the charm too. Now, sit back and take a look at everything you need to consider to find the perfect floor lamp for your space.

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Finalise the design language first

While a decor can basically flaunt any kind of design, the best floor lamps for your space can be the ones that resonate with your personality and also the ones that slightly or completely complement your living space. You can choose from modern designs, minimalist, contemporary, industrial, classical, traditional, transitional and many more. The list is practically endless. Just make sure that you understand what each design style brings to your decor.

Choose the colour and texture carefully

This is the most important part as it can set the tone of your space. If you prefer a dark decor, then consider going with different shades of grey as black can significantly affect your visuospatial perception if you own a compact space. Don’t go for hues that are too loud or are too vibrant as they can overshadow the lighting designs, home decor and other highlights of your living space. The best and the safest option is to go with earthy and neutral tones as they give your decorative elements a beautiful background. Subtle yet elegant, you can never go wrong with earthy tones or neutral colours.

Get something that complements your furniture

A design that complements your furniture can add uniformity to your decor and it definitely stands out. Not only does it create a stirring visual in your space, it also accentuates the aesthetic value of your space. To add to the depth and drama of your space, you can use another lighting design like a table lamp that goes well with your floor lamp.

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Make sure you get a design with comfortable luminous intensity

You definitely don’t want a design that is too glary in your space and makes everybody sitting there uncomfortable. Make sure you measure the lumens your space exactly requires and get a design that fits the bill.

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