How to Clean a White Bag Like a Pro – Tips From the Experts

White Bag

Do you love to dress in white clothes? The elegance provided by this pure color is unbeatable, whether you like it or not you need to recognize that people wearing this color for a certain event, always tend to be the most noticeable and thus, unforgettable. However, it can be quite overwhelming at the moment of cleaning your outfit.

While there is a fair amount of information concerning the care of clean clothes and ways to clean them, there are not so many resources available when it comes to cleaning your favorite white bag. In this article, we will provide you with your top recommendation to keep your light color bag in optimal conditions when you clean it. So, keep reading and get ready to rock that amazing white bag with your favorite outfits.

  1. Soap and vinegar solution

First of all, you will want to get started by taking a heat-resistant bowl and filling it with warm water, mixing some drops of a regular liquid soap (the one you use for the dishes will do the work) and only a few drops of apple vinegar. Sumerge a soft fabric into the solution you have prepared and use it to wipe down every side of your white handbag, being careful with the amount of water that you apply, as water is known to be harmful to leather and some other materials used in purses.

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When you are done with cleaning each surface, repeat the wiping process one additional time but this time you will want to damp a fabric in a bowl with clean water in order to take away the soap and vinegar residues. Keep in mind that when you let your bag dry it must be done away from direct sunlight (this advice applies for all shades, not only white material).

  1. A couple of different alternatives

This is a great option if you have the time and availability to prepare your cleaner at home, but if you have enough budget and want to make this process quicker, you can use a specialized cleaner aimed to be used on white color specifically.

One last alternative is to consider the use of a leather care solution, which will be a great help at keeping your white bag in optimal conditions for a long time. These types of products are very reliable when it comes to maintaining your bags moisturized, soft and giving them a silki effect.

  1. The importance of a cleaning routine

If you are the kind of person who can consistently keep a regular cleaning routine, you will want to wipe your bag every now and then (attempt for once a week) using a dry soft fabric, our recommendation is to use microfiber for better results. This simple and easy habit, if done on a regular basis, is very effective to avoid the accumulation of earth, dust and other unwanted substances on your white bag. Remember that while being perseverant is not easy, it always pays off.

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