How to Ensure the Safety of Your SDLC Process with a Better DevSecOps Program?


Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC) is a process followed to create software. This is a long time-taking process and comes in various phases. There is a long and thorough process to ensure the user-friendly working of the program. It also involves releasing regular updates to provide more features.

Phases of SDLC frame will set a path that the developers can follow to create intuitive, functional software. It also ensures the chronological order of the process. This is a cyclic process which means after the last phase, and the first phase will start by itself. If you would like to learn about the phases of SDLC, read more here.

Phases of SDLC

The first phase is planning and requirement analysis. In this phase, companies do the research and try to find answers to the questions like what is needed, the market, what problems the product will solve, etc. After this, the team introduces the designing phase in which the product’s design is made. The looks and architecture of the product are determined.

The third phase is coding. This is the main phase where developers and programmers work on the software to make it useful. Testing is the fourth phase. Several automated and specified tests are run to ensure there are no errors.

Now the product is delivered to the client, and maintenance of the software is needed. This is the last phase of the cycle before starting the cycle again. Solving the upcoming problems and releasing updates for better performance ensures that your app remains relevant to the users.

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Software development is a complex process and demands experts from different fields. There is a new set of practices where experts from different departments work together to make sure the software made is more effective and efficient. These practices come under DevSecOps. Development, Security, and Operation are three departments that collaborate here.

DevSecOps is an updated version of DevOps with an additional layer of security to keep your data protected. Security is essential not only from the cyber hackers but also from the errors made in coding and programming. Some codes may cause mutations that can lead to unseen flaws. Observability, traceability, and compliance are some of the significant benefits of hiring What is DevSecOps.

One practice is to follow the pipeline practices to build and deliver the product. These can be used at all stages of SDLC to get a more accurate result. Big emerging companies from all over the world are using these practices to lower the risk.

To know about the features of DevSecOps that provide proper safety, you can read more here.

Features of DevSecOps

Automated Tests

With automated security tools, automatic tests can be scheduled so that any error or vulnerability can be detected before the delivery. These errors can be eliminated through changes so that the delivered product is optimum.

Remediate & Prevention

Even after testing and double-checking, some errors may occur in the code or program. This may lead to issues in the interface. The security system acts on these faults with speed and prevents any mishaps. This feature works silently to make sure that risk is eliminated.

Block Code Promotion

Block code promotion helps to maintain the framework by keeping track of code. It won’t allow the code to move into the next stage until all the risks are attended to and nullified.

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Detect Cloud Drift

While transferring and moving over the cloud, data is more prone to changes and mutations. This may lead to ineffective results. To avoid this, you should use the security feature of DevSecOps so that these types of faults can be prevented and software runs smoothly.

Find and Classify Data

Securing important and classified data is also a feature of security. They prohibit the breach of any sensitive data and ensure its safety by recognizing the sensitive data and protecting it with encryption.

To Sum Up

The world is becoming more digital-focused, which means businesses are looking to invest in unique applications to interact with their customers. Therefore, there is an exponential rise in demand for software development and programming skills. But due to the complexities involved in the process, it is crucial to attach security with these fields.

To ensure this security and to make an innovative product, DevSecOps is the best option. You can start by training the staff and getting software that ensures safety. You can also purchase tools that work with new technology. The best option is to invest in automated procedures where your DevSecOps experts can install streamlined security protocols within the development and operations.

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