How to protect your business inside and out

protect your business

It is important to protect your business from security issues that threaten your business both in the physical world and online. As the internet grows and evolves at an almost eye-watering rate, so do the criminals that prey upon it. It is therefore key for your business, employees, and your customers that you provide enough security to keep all data safe from those that would take true advantage of your security shortfalls.

#1 Computers, software, and data

Having a cyber security breach could spell the financial end of your business. This is not only in lost data but also in downtime while your computers are offline and any lawsuits you may end up facing due to a lack of security for your customer’s details.

Of course, this is not just down to being hacked, there is also a strong possibility of storms and environmental situations that can cause your systems to lose power or valuable running time that (without the correct level of back up) can cause a catastrophe in your business. Undoubtedly, the best way you can protect yourself and your business against cyberattacks and loss of data are to have a fully qualified and highly experienced cybersecurity specialist on board.

#2 Employee training

With a focus on employee training, you can limit the chances of suffering either a cyber security breach or a physical attack on your business. Educate your employees on why they need to use secure passwords as well as how to obtain a strong one, keep it private and change it regularly. Insist that they log out of the system every time they move away from their workstation and log back in when they return, this will then limit the risk of others gaining access to files that they are not supposed to.

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You also need to make sure that they are aware of phishing emails, how to spot them, and what to do if they think they have been targeted. Phishing emails are not just about the cybercriminal gaining information, they can also lead to Ransomware being installed which could lead to your business having to pay out a lot of money just to gain access to your own files again.

#3 Physical security measures

In order for you to protect your employees as well as your building and any equipment or data you hold on your premises, you should take measures to keep those who are unauthorized out. This could mean installing gates on your parking lot as well as fencing your perimeters. Of course, those that are wanting to gain entry will climb over these or find a way through them, so security cameras are a good addition along with floodlights for dark evenings. Taking this a little bit further you may wish to hire security guards as an added deterrent.

Equipping your employees with ID badges and key codes for entry can also be beneficial, as well as introducing restricted areas that require swipe cards or fingerprint or facial recognition entry. You can use these systems to only allow entry to employees that have a need for access, other employees are kept out. This is because a lot of security breaches are due to employees either inadvertently or consciously gaining entry to areas or information that they shouldn’t have or passing data on to outside influencers.

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So, to wrap it all up

It is important to protect your business as much as you possibly can from both cyber and physical attacks. Getting the help of qualified professionals to not only provide you with information on how you can help yourself and your business but also in the installation of security equipment and taking control of all your software security needs, is paramount. If you are thinking of hiring security guards, make sure that they are well-trained to deal with the situations that they may face.

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