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Every day in the casino, millions of dollars move in the form of chips and money. With the help of technology, the casino can change the way of security of Toto 안전놀이터 and monitoring. IP video management software, Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore uses powerful software to solve complex surveillance problems based on Milestone Systems’ Xprotect™ Corporate, an open platform company for IP video management software. 

Since June 2010, Marina Bay Sands Casino has also fully controlled the security surveillance of Marina Bay Sky Park, which is just around the corner from the casino, with some VIPs staying on National Day in August 2010 (Sim, A., 2010). “Like other casinos, we need to comply with standard security and internal procedural laws and regulations. Our casino also tries to provide the best service to our customers. So we decided to adopt the best-advanced monitoring technology on the market,” said Baybars Oral of Director-VIP Gaming (also known as Director of Mass Table Games) (Sim, A., 2010).

The technology uses Xprotect Corporate, Milestone Systems’s IP video open platform solution. The controller can manage hundreds of surveillance cameras simultaneously in a few simple clicks and can see reality Toto 안전놀이터from different servers or store images simultaneously. In addition, video materials can be easily accessed when the police seek evidence.

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Thousands of cameras are connected to the server, each with 10TB of storage capacity. This capacity is needed because the law requires that gamblers record gambling for 31 days and that images of cash transactions are kept for 62 days. Suppose the customer is instructed to put the money on the table, and there is a reason for that. In that case, the operator can play to determine exactly what happened and can quickly resolve misunderstandings and errors. The image is also used to ensure that all internal procedures are displayed (Sim, A., 2010).

With Milestone, you can find the right image in different corners, scroll back to see it quickly and zoom in to close-up. The checks are often done by those who placed the tip in a certain amount of time. “You can take a lot of footage from many cameras at the same time and see details of what people are doing,” Babers Oral says.

Babers Oral believes that the Milestone platform system is valuable and prepared to take risks associated with running the casino. According to Babers Oral, many professions worldwide are made up of lizards. “Our staff has been trained to recognize such a shaman and when it appears, we are talking about an enormous amount of money. That’s why investing in such advanced technical solutions is really important for us, and it allows us to bring more benefits to our customers from our security and services,” said Babers Oral (Sim, A., 2010).

Concept of a responsible gambling framework

Problem Gambling is any gambling behavior pattern that can jeopardize, disrupt, or damage an individual, family, or professional pursuit. It can affect the individual who gambles excessively and others (family members, colleagues, employers, local residents, etc.) (Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, n.d.).Source: Journal of Gambling Research (2002).Raising public awareness and media campaigns

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Provide accurate and balanced information about gambling, harmful consequences of problem gambling, and other information to promote healthier alternatives.

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