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To monitor the development of major sites, the Council employs a 메이저사이트Monitoring Officer. This individual ensures that developer contributions are paid and works with providers of infrastructure to ensure that projects meet zoning regulations. This includes the installation of utilities, sanitary plumbing, heating, and weatherization systems. It also ensures that the buildings have appropriate load-bearing structures.

Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo-Daro, the Mound of the Dead, is one of the major sites of the Indus Valley Civilization. It is thought to have existed in the period 2500-2000 B.C. and was built entirely of unbaked brick. Its ramparts are evidence of early town planning. It is one of the most ancient ruins in the Indian subcontinent and influenced the subsequent urbanization of the Indian peninsula.

The archaeological remains of Mohenjo-Daro stretch over 300 hectares. The region was once home to some of the earliest peoples in the world. The ancient city was surrounded by a massive brick wall fortification. The city also possessed well-made pottery, and houses built of mud bricks.

Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs is a major historic site and one of the largest in China. These tombs were built under the guidance of traditional Chinese Fengshui and were designed to achieve harmony with the surrounding natural features. This harmony symbolically represents man’s relationship with nature.

UNESCO lists the Ming Tombs as one of the world’s most important cultural heritage sites. They are home to the tombs of thirteen of the 16 Ming emperors. The tombs were used by the emperors between 1409 and 1644 AD. Visitors can also view artifacts from the period.

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The Ming Tombs cover 120 square kilometers. The site features beautiful scenery and clear water. The Chang Mausoleum was completed in 1409 for Emperor Zhu Di, who reigned from 1360 to 1424. The complexes are now protected by UNESCO as major cultural sites.

Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is a large temple complex with two parts. The inner part is circular, with two encircling walls. On its central axis, there are 메이저사이트buildings, including the Circular Mound Altar, the Imperial Vault of Heaven, and the Hall of Prayer for the Good Harvest. The buildings are separated by walls and connected by a stone bridge.

The most important building in the temple is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, built in the year 1420. It was later rebuilt in 1545 and 1751. It is 38 meters high and has three levels of marble stone. It has a magnificent caisson ceiling carved with nine dragons.

Agostinho N et o

Antonio Agostinho Neto is one of the most important African nationalists and intellectuals. A doctor and poet, he was the leader of the armed struggle in Angola against Portuguese colonial rule. Today, his monuments and museums are among the most visited and well-known in the country.

In addition to being the President of the FAAN 42, Agostinho Neto also had many other major sites, including a public university in Luanda named for him. Another memorial to Agostinho Neto is a poem that was written in his honor. In Cape Verde, the main hospital in Praia is named Hospital Agostinho Neto. The streets of Praia and Luanda are named for him, and the Agostinho Neto airport is located there.


Temple of Good Harvests

One of the most impressive buildings in China is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, which is located near the Temple of Good Harvests. This ancient building was built with traditional wood techniques and has a three-layered roof and twelve giant pillars representing the twelve months of the year. Originally, this temple was only used in January, when people would pray for a good harvest in the coming year. Today, it is a stunning example of Chinese architecture and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988

When visiting the temple, visitors should leave enough time to explore the park surrounding the temple. This park is populated with locals and is an excellent place for exercise and games. Here you can watch people practicing martial arts or listen to local bands or sing. This park adds to the overall impact of this major landmark.

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