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Monday software is a very popular software which has been around for a while, about 8 years. The company was founded in 2014 and the software was developed subsequently. The software is a cloud based miracle which is used by thousands of users across the world. The company has been very successful, so much so that just after five years of operations, the company managed to raise over $150 million dollars in funding. And the $150 million dollars was based on a valuation of $1.9 billion. Since then the company has soared to new heights. In June 2021, the company went public because of the new heights it had reached. The unicorn start up has made headlines ever since it came into existence.

In this piece, we will be going over all the details of to help you figure out whether this software is right for you. The software allows you to really make working and managing your projects as well as day to day work simpler. So if you are interested in finding out whether or not is the right software for you then keep reading. We are sure that by the end of this piece, you will have come to a conclusion about whether or not the software is the right call for you!

Key Features

Visualize Data

The first feature in top project management software we want to tell you about is the visualization feature for your data. The feature allows for you to add details about your project and display them through a visual component so that you are able to explain the project and plan to your colleagues and perhaps even to your client. The software allows you to make diagrams, forms and much more out of the data for your project that you input. This feature is essential for you to make project presentations and project breakdowns to communicate to team members and more!

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Simple Collaboration

The collaboration feature in is another wonderful feature you will often read about in reviews left by users all over the internet. The software allows you to insure that you can allow all your coworkers to work on your project along with you. So in essence, you are able to add all your colleagues to your work dashboard. This makes working together in a team much easier as well. The feature helps you to organize and keep everything in one place because team members can themselves add the work they are done with to the software which allows everyone else to easily view it as well!

Notifications and Reminders

One feature in that is vastly underrated and not talked about enough is the notifications and reminders feature. This feature is key in allowing you to work on your projects successfully. The reminder feature gives you reminders for your deadlines which helps you to ensure you always submit your work on time. The notifications feature tells you when a colleague might have tagged you in a comment or left a comment on the work that you uploaded on the software. All in all, this feature really helps you and your colleague keep on top of work!

Templates for your Convenience

The template feature in is wonderful. This feature helps you to explore the number of templates available on it so that you can choose one which suits your needs best. This helps you to not only choose a suitable template but also customize it to your needs which is very helpful. The templates can be customized to suit your preferences. Another great thing about the template feature is that it makes project planning so much easier for you and your team since you only have to input details into the pre-made template in the correct places!

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One of the best things about software is that the software has a free version! This robust free version is suitable for small businesses that are just starting out because they have their fair share of limitations. The free version only lets two users on the platform and also does not give access to the premium features which make software great. The paid version of the software costs $16 a month and you can choose to be billed annually so that you can use it easily!

Is a Solid Choice for You

Now we come to the final aspect of determining whether this software is right for you. We suggest you ask for a trial or a demo of this software so that you can figure out whether it is the right call for you. Having firsthand experience with the software gives you the right tools to choose the right software. This helps you make an informed decision about your software!

Another thing we want to tell you about is make a list of features you would ideally want in your software and then figure out if is the right call for you and your needs. This helps you to ensure that you are able to choose a software which is right for the needs of you and your business.

We also suggest you read as many user reviews. This helps you see if in the long run the software will be right for you. Since users will have lived experience with the software and will be communicating that to you!

All in all, we are sure whatever decision you come to about this software will be the right call for you and your needs. Just make sure to choose wisely.

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