Need To Increase Website Traffic? White Hat Link Building Is Your Approach

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White Hat Link Building

White hat link building is a strategy for increasing website traffic through search engine optimization (SEO) methods, such as meaningful linking to additional, pertinent Web content. White hat links increase a website’s or webpage’s rankings among search engines like Google by “organic” methods that improve users’ experiences by enhancing content quality, extending its reach through relevant links, and so forth.

White hat link building seeks to inform users as opposed to black hat link building, a spam-oriented strategy that attempts to attract traffic to a site without improving the content or user experience. White hat link building can be time-consuming, requiring website designers and content writers to prioritize quality content before incorporating links to increase the page’s SEO value.

This is in contrast to black hat approaches. Search engines like Google reward this form of “organic” link building to numerous sources all across the World Wide Web since it benefits the online community as a whole and helps a website rank higher. White hat link building aims for long-term improvement of the Web as a whole, whereas black hat link building strategies provide quick results.

Top White Hat Linking Techniques

Black hat and gray hat link building techniques are penalized by more than just the Google algorithm. Other search engine algorithms concentrate on eliminating web pages that employ black hat SEO strategies, such as content automation, hidden links, keyword stuffing, and others. In their Terms of Service, the majority of search engines state that deceptive tactics like this will cause your site to be completely prohibited from ranking. You must employ white hat link building techniques.

1. Making a Linkable Asset

Content that can assist answer a question and entice people to share it is known as linkable assets. People adore linking to case studies and list pieces on social media and on their own websites, which builds a genuine, high-quality backlink to your website. Aim for long-form content with 2,000 words or more because it will likely generate more social shares and backlinks than shorter material.

2. Making Use of a Blog to Promote Your Content

Using your own blog to gain links is one of the simplest white hat link building strategies to begin with. Using helpful, high-quality keywords and internal links can help Google and other search engines understand what your content is about. By linking to other authority’ content within your own, you can strengthen ties with them and raise your chances of getting backlinks on their websites.

3. Boosting Shares on Social Media

One of the best channels for helping consumers find new information is social networking. In order to increase the number of people who see your material and the number of high-quality backlinks it receives, it is in your best interest to encourage social media sharing. Engage with your audience on social media to boost views and shares, and make sure the share buttons on each of your blog entries are simple to find.

4. Mobile-Friendly Optimization

You must learn to optimize your site for mobile consumers because more than 60% of internet searches are made from mobile devices. According to Google, websites that aren’t responsive to mobile devices “may not rank as high” as those that are. Therefore, not only should your site be mobile-friendly, but so should the sites from which you receive backlinks. When researching websites to place infographics and guest pieces, keep this in mind.

5. Making Guest Posts

Putting your own blog posts on another blog as a guest is known as guest posting. If the blog accepts guest posts, you can get one or more high-quality backlinks to your website by approaching authoritative websites in your sector. For the best exposure, pick trusted websites with lots of visitors and social media shares.

6. Informational Graphics

Infographics are visual representations of a lot of useful data. By using them as sources for the infographic, you can also include links to your greatest articles. Have links in mind that you want to link to before creating the image, then build the image around those bits of material. Add a list of sources at the end. Next, get in touch with credible websites in your niche to inquire about possible inclusion on their websites or social media accounts.

7. Creating Interactions Online

Developing connections with other people in your business might increase the likelihood that they will share your work. Sharing and linking to their standout material is a good place to start. You can nonetheless participate in forums, Facebook groups, and other online networks in your industry. By responding to queries and establishing yourself as an authority alongside others in your business, stay engaged and helpful.

8. Leaving Comments on Reputable Blogs

Making comments on blogs is a quick and easy way to introduce yourself, network with other online influencers, and create backlinks to your website. Using a service that provides keyword search, you may look for some of your rivals by using the keywords you wish to rank for. Leave insightful, beneficial comments on some of the most popular blog entries on the websites that permit “do follow” links in the comments, so that search engines will count your link.

9. Providing Testimonies

On their websites, many businesses feature user testimonials or succinct summaries of what customers enjoy about a given product or service. Testimonials from authorities in their field lend the business even more credibility. You might inquire with a firm whether it would be interested in your testimonial if you’ve used a product or service associated with your niche. Ask if your company’s name will be mentioned in the testimonial along with a link to your website to establish a high-quality backlink.

10. Using Business Listings and Website Directories

Good online directories can boost your backlinks and aid in site discovery. Use one of the many free internet tools available to you to check the site’s Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). The more points the directory receives, the more beneficial it will be for ranking your website based on your backlinks. To obtain another high-quality backlink, you can also register a company listing on Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and other authoritative websites.

11. Have Unique and Original Information

Making your own datasets is a very efficient technique to build a ton of ethical backlinks. Statistics are fascinating, and people enjoy discussing fresh, intriguing facts. Researching is a great technique to provide fresh and distinctive information that will draw readers and publications who wish to cite your work. Consider your market segment and how it relates to a subject that is currently popular as an excellent place to start. Find out what your social media followers and members of your organization would like to learn more about by developing the idea further with them. Next, gather information from clients and social media users, then compile it into an attractive report.

12. Engage in a Significant Amount of Outreach

Due to the intense competition in link building, publishers receive a ton of emails every day. Therefore, you must put time and effort into outreach if you want to connect with well-known sites and receive a response. This can entail making a pitch to a reputable publication once per week or sending 400 cold emails each month to websites. Many times, outreach is a numbers game. You have a better chance of getting a response if you contact more websites. However, while you are doing this, make sure your outreach content is excellent. Your pitch must pique the interest of the target site’s editors in order to obtain a backlink. Your efforts should convince them that you are capable of creating amazing content.

13. Make Yourself Available to Other Publishers

You can help other bloggers and journalists out by leveraging your knowledge and distinctive facts. You’ll get a backlink for each time someone quotes you. But this strategy has other advantages besides just obtaining backlinks with high domain authority (although they are a huge benefit on their own). You’ll boost your brand awareness and attract referral traffic to your website by establishing yourself as a reliable source.

14. Make Use of the Broken Link Building Technique

By contacting a website that contains a broken outbound link (a link to an external source), you can ask them to replace it with a link to one of your pages. It only makes sense to replace the broken link with yours if your page is a reliable resource on the subject to which they were previously connecting. This strategy works so well because it offers the webmasters a ton of value by assisting them in fixing a problem with their website and enhancing the user experience for their viewers.


Building links ethically is a great SEO tactic. The finest white hat link building strategies involve developing worthwhile content, conducting in-depth research and producing original data, and establishing connections with as many reliable content publishers as you can. You may construct a strong network of supportive links and significantly raise your search rankings by putting a heavy emphasis on the quality of your content and establishing partnerships with other websites.

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