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A Look At “Sharp Eyes”, A Computerized Video Surveillance Program That Aims To Surveil 100% Of Chinese Public Spaces And Relies Largely On Reports From Citizens (Dave Gershgorn/OneZero )

Acer Aspire Nitro 7

Report Finds 29 Countries Intentionally Shut Down Or Slowed Internet Traffic In 2020, With India Most Frequent At 109 Times, Primarily In The Kashmir Region (Hanna Duggal/Al Jazeera)

AI-based quality engineering solutions

Sex Workers Say Pornhub’s Defunding By Visa, Mastercard, And Discover Is Putting Their Livelihoods At Risk And Will Not Solve The Problem Of Illegal Content (Thomas Fabbri/BBC)

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Parler CEO Says The Company Has Been Dropped By “Every Vendor From Text Message Services To Email Providers To Our Lawyers”, Which Could End The Business (Bruce Haring/Deadline)

Criminal Attorney

Leaked Screenshots Show GitHub Employees Using The Term “Nazi” In Its Internal Slack To Protest The Unexplained Firing Of An Employee That Used The Same Word (Zoe Schiffer/The Verge)

How many checking accounts can I have

Analysis Finds That An OpenCV-Based Facial Recognition Model Used By Exam Monitoring Software Proctorio Fails To Recognize Black Faces More Than 50% Of The Time (Todd Feathers/VICE)

Outsourced Accounting Services

From BitClout To Income Share Agreements At Lambda School, The Future Of Work Feels Like A Pyramid Scheme Where You Can Package And Sell Others’ Potential (Dror Poleg)