Quordle Wordle Todays hint for June answer match


For the past few weeks, I’ve been having a lot of fun blogging about each day’s Heardle. Several readers have told me that they found it helpful. So I figured I’d assist all of the Quordle gamers out there and help them maintain their streaks.

Quordle is more fascinating and rewarding than Wordle in my opinion. The core principle is the same: you have a limited number of guesses and five-letter words to figure out. Rather than the one daily word you get from Wordle, you’ll be attempting to derive four words at once. It’s entertaining (if a little stressful at times).

Another fascinating feature of Quordle is that it offers accomplishments, including streak achievements. If you’re having problems with today’s daily game, here are some tips to help you keep your streak going (or start one in the first place):

June’s Quordle Clues

R and C are two common consonants today.

There is a double letter in one word.

C, T, D, and P are the first letters of the words.

The first clue (top left) is a scared reaction.

2nd word (top right) hint: press this button to speed things up.

3rd word (bottom left) a dukedom is a hint

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For many people, the word 4 (bottom right) hint is a winter necessity.

Hopefully, those tips will assist you in deciphering today’s Quordle words. If not, the solutions are…

June’s Quordle Answers

COWER, TURBO, DUCHY, and PARKA are the solutions to today’s Quordle.

I believe there are a handful of words in there that may cause confusion, particularly duchy (not exactly a common term) and parka, because double-letter words are notoriously difficult. The lack of common letters between today’s words may also make things more confusing.

I hope this helped you maintain your winning streak!

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