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Finding a job when you are in rehab can be challenging, but plenty of options and resources are available to help. The proper placement services are an excellent option for finding a job in your desired career field. When appropriately used, rehabilitation placement services can help you enter the workforce faster than ever before, and the professionals are there to help you out.

It is much easier to find work when you are in rehab than when you are out since you will learn about a whole new set of skills and credentials that you can talk about to your prospective employers. With the help of Sunshine Behavioral Health professionals, you will be able to prepare better for interviews and applications. Additionally, do not be afraid to reach out to colleagues and friends. They may know someone who needs help with their business or looking for staff members, and this is a good start for you.

Advice For Job Seekers

If you are currently in rehab, there is a chance that you might have been laid off or fired because of substance abuse. It is essential to start your job search while you are still in the process of recovery, so you will know how to handle rejections or stress. Professional out-of-the-box resumes, instantly generated by the most advanced resume maker technology available.

Many people are creating and establishing new routines as fast as possible because they want to find a job that can earn them a living. They try to rebuild their social lives and networks, attend support programs, and get their careers back on track. Finding a rehab can also help with financial independence, a more positive self-confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose.

However, some people find the entire ordeal to be challenging. They might not be able to handle the stress well, which can cause relapse. Simultaneously, landing a new career might be challenging, especially if there are skill deficits or a gap in their resumes.

Fortunately, you can still have hope. This does not mean that you are getting a lost cause. This just means that you must be strategic in your search. Getting a job will instill purpose in an addict’s life and provide various income and health benefits. Some of the things that you can do are get placement services offered in many rehab facilities or government localities. Other things to do are the following:

  1. Get Help from Assistance Programs
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Some local and state government assistance are available for people who want to get a job after their lives in a rehab center. These programs may include assisting in job searches, conducting employment interviews, and paying for transportation. Others have educational and training programs for people who are alcohol and substance abusers. See more about substance use here.

Take advantage of the wealth of services and programs available and hone your soft skills while you are still recovering. Get resources and become employable. Do not hesitate to contact the local social services for more information.

  1. Using your Support Group and Personal Network

You might have cut ties with peers who use drugs or drink too much alcohol. However, while you’re in rehab, you might also create a solid bond with a new network of people who are also recovering. They might positively influence your future, and everything may turn out for the better.

As an example, talking to doctors, therapists, and counselors in your support group will help you land the job of your dreams. Any one of these people may know someone who can be your potential employer, and they can provide you with a positive job reference.


  1. Utilizing Online Websites and Resources

Researching online and looking for job vacancies are helpful, and when you are in rehab, you have plenty of time to look for opportunities. Many sites look for older workers, ex-offenders, and recovering addicts who want to start fresh in life. Find employment opportunities and navigate websites. Start browsing jobs and create an account while you are still in a program to help you have a faster recovery.

One advantage of using online resources is that many employers posting on specific sites often expect candidates to be under-recovery. They understand that everything is in the past, and you would not want to worry about your records or hurt your chances of getting hired.

  1. Flexible Jobs should be Considered
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Full-time jobs can give you a lot of roles and responsibilities that you might not be ready to take. In the meantime, it is best if you could have a flexible job that can help you reintegrate slowly into society. Work pressures and a demanding boss may trigger you to go back into your old habits, and this is something that you would want to avoid at all costs.

Consider the ones that offer more flexibility and do not get the risk of relapsing. Learn more about the risk of relapsing on this site: Working remote and part-time jobs might be the work that you are looking for.

  1. Prioritizing your Wellbeing

The recovery process is long, and it is not over. Some of the activities may help you get sober, which can vary from one person to another. Some will have programs available like counseling sessions, therapy groups, and peer support organizations like Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Regardless of your activities, prioritize yourself first and ensure that everything you are doing contributes to your wellbeing. At least try to find a recovery schedule that will fit your needs. To heal faster, you need to have a steady recovery rhythm at your new job.

Know your Rights

Substance abuse is often considered a disability, and you need to know your rights. Most employers may hesitate to hire those who have struggled with addiction. It can be illegal to discriminate against anyone who wants to have a job and seek treatment at the same time.

Many employers are not allowed to discriminate and knowing these rights will help you become more confident and apply for work. Check the rehab centers in your area and know about placement services that can help you land the job of your dreams. Learn new skills during your free time and practice before applying to be on the safe side.

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