Should You Take a Course at the Home Inspection Academy?

Home Inspection Academy

Whether you’re thinking of starting your own home inspection business, or you’re already working in the field, you should consider taking a course at the Home Inspection Academy. These programs offer hands-on training and an extensive knowledge base. Students at this academy will learn the ins and outs of the industry, as well as the laws and regulations surrounding it.

While the PLI requires a “final” exam, the Academy offers alternative completions. Rather than requiring students to complete three home inspections before taking the “final” exam, they’ll be able to finish the course in any order they choose. This is common in other fields of professional education and is a great way to ensure that you’re learning as much as possible. NETI’s courses are taught in partnership with local schools and organizations that need classrooms for classrooms.

If you’re considering a course at the Home Inspection Academy, consider the benefits of live instruction by Certified Master Inspectors. You’ll have access to the best instructors in the industry, and you’ll receive on-the-job support and access to a national network of home inspection companies. This network helps you get the most out of your training and ensures you’re prepared for the real world.

To become a home inspector, you’ll need to complete a comprehensive range of knowledge about building systems and practices. This means that a college or university education is not enough. You’ll need a high school diploma and at least 40 hours of classroom training. The Home Inspection School offers the most comprehensive classroom training program available and offers highly experienced, licensed instructors who use real-life examples in their courses.

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InterNACHI is another good source for continuing education. It offers thousands of courses and can be used to become a home inspector. Its membership benefits include a Zoom background, Facebook group, and a directory listing in the home inspector search engine. You can also use InterNACHI’s search engine to find training in your state.

For those working on a budget, the Home Inspector Academy provides the perfect combination of LIVE instruction from master certified home inspectors. In addition, you get access to hundreds of individual add-on courses that are perfect for both beginning and experienced home inspectors. You’ll also be able to learn from other students around the country, which saves you both time and money. Additionally, online courses are accessible from virtually anywhere, making them a flexible option for busy working professionals.

Costs of becoming a home inspector vary greatly depending on the state you live in and the number of courses you need to complete. You can expect to pay anywhere from $129 to $3,000 for a full course. You will receive comprehensive training in the latest home inspection technology and software, along with a textbook and Home Inspector Pro software. Additionally, you’ll have access to twenty hours of classroom training to prepare for your state’s home inspector exam.

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AHIT has been in business for over 25 years and has over fifty instructors who have spent years as home inspectors. Many courses offered by AHIT also include continuing education requirements. This way, you can meet all state requirements for licensing and certification. So, if you’re considering taking a course at the Home Inspection Academy, be sure to check out the reviews.

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