The Watches of Innovation: Six Innovative Digital Timepieces from Suunto’s Finest Collections


Suunto is one of the most well-known brands in the modern age of innovative digital smartwatches. It offers timepieces with a whole load of satisfying and useful functionalities like offline maps, GPS, sports mode, weather, health monitoring, and activity tracking features. So, here are some Suunto watch models from some of its finest watch collections.

The Suunto 9 Watch Series

The Suunto SS050088000 White Quartz Unisex Watch

One of the most innovative timepieces on the list is the Suunto SS050088000 from the Suunto 9 watch collection. It incorporates a digital dial fitted in a 50 mm round-shaped casing made from fiberglass with reinforced polyamide and white silicone straps. Plus, a sapphire crystal with reliable scratch resistance covers the face of this watch.

This stunning unisex watch is powered by an excellent quartz-type caliber that offers water resistance for up to 100 meters. It is perfect for both men and women as it incorporates a simple yet exquisite aesthetic design with a touch of elegance and luxury. The Suunto 9 SS050088000 is available on Watchshopping for a price of $639.

The Suunto SS050450000 G1 ZH Baro Lime Quartz Unisex Watch

The Suunto SS050450000 G1 ZH Baro Lime is a unisex watch from the Suunto 9 collection that comes with a pair of unique and attractive straps. It comes with lime green and black silicone straps attached to a black round-shaped casing made from fiberglass with reinforced polyamide. A sapphire crystal also covers the face, giving this timepiece reliable protection from scratch.

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One of the best things about this Suunto 9 timepiece is the excellent quartz-type caliber that offers various functionalities and features to monitor your fitness level. Plus, it can reliably and comfortably resist water for up to 330 feet. The Suunto SS050450000 only costs $599 on the Watchshopping website.

The Suunto 7 Watch Series

The Suunto SS050380000 White Burgundy Quartz Men’s Watch

Another stunning digital watch on the list is the Suunto SS050380000 from the Suunto 7 series. Aside from the time and date display, it also features satisfying functionalities like a pedometer for counting steps, offline outdoor maps, and monitoring the day’s temperature. Plus, this timepiece equips a quartz-type caliber with 100 meters of water resistance.

The explicable digital dial is attached to an even more dashing 50 mm round-shaped fiberglass casing with reinforced polyamide and white silicone straps. This watch incorporates the simplicity and elegance all men desire. It can be ordered for a price of $529 on Watchshopping.

The Suunto SS05080000 All Black Quartz Unisex Watch

If you want a smartwatch with an all-black design suitable for both men and women, then the Suunto SS05080000 from the Suunto 7 collection is perfect for you. It comes in a 50 mm casing made from fiberglass with reinforced polyamide with black silicone straps. A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal cover protects the digital dial.

The best thing about this timepiece is its functionalities. It offers free offline maps, heart rate monitoring, weather features, altimeter, 50 meters of water resistance, and sports mode features with speed and distance function. You can order the Suunto SS05080000 for $519 on Watchshopping.

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The Suunto 5 Watch Series

The Suunto SS050304000 White Quartz Men’s Watch

The Suunto SS050304000 from the Suunto 5 series is an excellent smartwatch with many satisfying capabilities and long battery life. In addition, it offers 50 meters of water resistance, fitness level tracking, sport modes, and heart rate monitoring. This timepiece is perfect for men who value aesthetic design and functional capabilities on a watch.

This men’s watch incorporates a digital dial attached to a 46 mm fiberglass casing with reinforced polycarbonate, white silicone straps, and a quartz-type caliber. You can purchase the Suunto SS050304000 anytime online on Watchshopping for $499.

The Suunto 3 Watch Series

The Suunto SS050496000 ZH Slate Grey Quartz Unisex Watch

Another excellent unisex smartwatch on the list is the Suunto SS050496000 ZH from the Suunto 3 collection. It comes with adaptive training guidance, 24/7 activity tracking, sleep tracking, stress and recovery feature, heart rate monitoring, mobile connection capability, and 30 meters of water resistance.

The stunning digital dial is fitted in a fiberglass casing with a stainless steel bezel, polyamide glass cover, and uniquely designed black silicone straps. This quartz unisex timepiece is available for a well-justified price of $329 on Watchshopping.


Suunto is the best watch brand for both men and women who value fitness and outdoor activities. Moreover, Suunto watches are like diving computers for some divers worldwide because each of the watch models on the list is equipped with reliable and excellent water resistance. So, grab yours now online on Watchshopping for best-valued deals.

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