Six Must-Have Home Items for People Who Love to Entertain

Love to Entertain

Some people have the talent of creating, some have the talent of crunching numbers, and some have the talent of being good at hosting. Of course, these things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but our point is that it takes a special kind of person to be able to throw events that make people feel welcome and relaxed. Being a good entertainer is a unique skill. You know the kind of people we mean: they love to entertain others, they always have new recipes or decor or ice breaker ideas, and they volunteer to have people over whenever something comes up. It’s important to show your appreciation to these special people in your life, because chances are, they have thrown or will one day throw a thoughtful party for you, too!

An incredible way to thank and support your friends who love to entertain is to give them gifts that feed into their passions to show you know them well. We’ve compiled a list of six must-have home items that all good hosts and hostesses will highly appreciate and use. Next time one of their birthdays comes up, or during the holidays, these gift ideas will be perfect for making them feel seen and loved. Let’s dive in!

1. Table Vases

If you know someone who frequently has people over to eat, you know that a table decoration can add lots of ambiance to a great night with friends. Plus, table decor looks good throughout the day when the dishes are cleared. You can make setup feel easy for your entertainer friends by getting them a trendy table vase that can take a focal place on their dining table. Everytime they sit down to feast, they’ll think of you, and they’ll be thankful for the thoughtful gift.

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2. Trendy Serving Dishes and Cookware

Speaking of people who love to cook and share meals with others, a stylish serving set is another perfect gift. Try to base your choice around your friends’ design tastes, but if you aren’t sure, you can’t go wrong with a set of serving dishes and cookware with a neutral, upscale style. Your friends will like both an indoor and outdoor set of dishes for the various seasons of entertaining, so keep that in mind as well when you shop.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Every good entertainer knows that parties and events—no matter how chill—can feel a little awkward sometimes, especially at the beginning of the evening when everyone is settling in. Music helps take the edge off of small talk, and it also sets the vibe of the party. Bluetooth speakers make amazing gifts for people who often have guests over, and will be useful in their personal lives too.

4. Magnetic Screen Door

One fun way to spend time with friends and family is outdoors on the patio or in the backyard. There’s nothing like those parties where the grill is cooking, the music is playing, and the sun is shining. The host and hostess will need to walk in and out of the house to get supplies and food, which makes a magnetic screen door a thoughtful gift. Magnetic screen doors seal to the door frame for easy installation. They make a unique gift because they tend to be overlooked, and yet, magnetic screen doors help keep the doors open, the breeze moving through the house, but the bugs outside where they belong. Plus, a magnetic screen door is ideal because it separates to allow people to walk through, but quickly reseals, all without being pulled down from the frame. Summer parties will be a blast and your friends will appreciate this gift that makes their life easier.

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5. Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are gifts that span the lengths of the seasons, because virtually any time of the year you’ll want to snuggle up under a blanket at some point. Your friends who frequently entertain will always be running out of blankets if they don’t have enough throws on hand. Whether they have people over on their couch, their patio, or at a bonfire, they’ll want to offer cozy throw blankets to their guests.

6. Bar Cart and Accessories

For your friends who love to mix drinks at home and offer them to their guests, you can’t go wrong with bar cart accessories. If they’re just getting into their passion for homemade drinks, you could get them a bar cart to help them on their way. Otherwise, bar cart accessories make classy and practical gifts. Your friends will need a cocktail shaker, stir sticks, bar tool set, ice bucket, and of course, drinking glasses, so whatever pieces you can supply, they will love them!


We appreciate the people in our lives that invite us over for parties and make us feel welcome in their homes. If you know anyone like this, you want to thank and celebrate them by giving them gifts that are perfectly attuned to their interests and hobbies—entertaining. Each of the six items on this list is sure to be a big hit because they are useful, thoughtful, and essential home goods your friends will want to use at their next gathering.

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