The Best Way to Plan a Major Playground


Major Playground is a great place for children to learn about self-expression and creativity. The program encourages both solitary and group play. The latter helps children develop a stronger sense of independence and learn where they belong. These 메이저놀이터are vital life skills that contribute to a child’s creativity and willingness to try new things. It is also important for young children to learn how to interact with others.

Safety guidelines for playgrounds

Injuries on playgrounds are a leading cause of hospitalization for children under age 15, with a higher risk for young children between the ages of five and nine. Falls account for up to 75 percent of playground injuries, with swing, falls causing the most serious injuries. To reduce the risk of falls, playground surfaces should be free of water, and tripping hazards. If the playground floor is loose-fill, it should be at least 30 cm deep.

While every playground is different, some guidelines apply to both natural and manufactured playgrounds. The CDC issues recall for playground equipment that is not safe and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) issues guidelines for manufacturing playgrounds.

Common playground hazards

There are a variety of playground hazards, but the most common ones are caused by equipment problems that are not adequately maintained. The research found that 48% of play areas had paint chips and splinters, and a quarter was littered with trash. Excrement was also common at some low-income playgrounds.

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Inspect playground equipment regularly to make sure that it meets current safety codes. Check for rust and chipped paint. If there are any loose parts, consider removing them. Also, keep playground fences in good condition with no unintended openings. Children should not play near fences that have protruding objects or rust. These objects could cut or entangle them and cause injuries.

Falls are another common playground hazard. Falling is a major cause of playground deaths, but a properly designed playground can prevent falls and injure children. Besides preventing falls, playground safety guidelines should also address entrapment, which is the third leading cause of playground deaths. Falling 메이저놀이터equipment can cause a child to be entrapped, so it is important to install safety zones to avoid injuries.

Cost of a playground

The initial cost of a major playground project is a significant part of the overall budget. Typically, 20-35% of the overall budget goes toward preparing the site and constructing the playground’s infrastructure, such as borders, irrigation, and drainage. Other costs related to playground construction may include site preparation, earth-moving, site grading, fencing, and playground surfacing. The type of safety surfacing used will also affect the overall cost.

Budgets for playground construction vary greatly, and the exact amount will depend on the number of kids who will use the new playground. For example, if you plan to build a new playground for 50 children, your budget will be around $50,000. However, before you start planning the budget, take into consideration how much existing equipment will need to be removed and disposed of, as well as the existing playground environment. If you are building a playground in a school, you may have to remove the existing playground equipment and replace it with new play equipment. Retaining walls may also be necessary.

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Design of a playground

The design of a major playground should incorporate man-made and natural elements to achieve the desired outcomes. There are also many important considerations in the planning process, including accessibility needs, critical fall heights, and a variety of other factors. Playground equipment should stimulate the senses and help children develop creativity and imagination. It should also be fun.

The design of a major playground should be safe for all children. A playground that is too unsafe for children will not serve its purpose. Experts in playground safety should be consulted before it is opened to the public. It should include easy-to-follow ground rules and guardrails for all playground equipment. In addition, it should have adequate drainage and accessible paths.

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