The Future Of Luxury: Oris Watches And Its History

Oris Watch

The Oris watch company has been producing mechanical watches for over a century, and their red rotors have made them popular with collectors. They are the Swiss leaders in innovation, creativity, or reliability–creating timepieces that can be used across various industries such as transportation, water sports, and the music industry.

When it comes to the trustworthiness of brands, there’s none better than an ORIS watch that takes home awards from Baselworld every year with new novel creations that constantly impress viewers worldwide.

Oris Watches: Early Years

In 1904, Oris Watch Company was established with the mayor’s help by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. Few people are aware of this brand because it has been around since 1904! The name “Oris” came from a nearby brook that connects the watchmaker to their local roots. In 1906 they opened another factory for assembling works after having difficulties producing enough pieces at one facility alone.

Oris was a Swiss company that first began manufacturing pocket watches in the 1910s. With their invention, they quickly became one of the most successful watchmakers on Earth. By 1925, Oris had five new factories and proved to be just as influential as its competitors, such as Rolex or Omega, because it also joined into wristwatch production with great success after transitioning from only producing them for aviators during World War I due to shortages in metal supply during wartime years.

The Start of Oris Watches

The Swiss watchmaker faced setbacks in 1934 when the government made it illegal to develop new technology without permission. This law was enacted by the Swiss Government and affected Oris Company greatly even though they are committed to creativity and have been since their inception.

Oris has a passion for precision timepieces that is so deep it’s in their blood. To make sure each ticking second and minute are accurate, they had always used pin-lever escapements maneuvers until the 1930s when this style became less popular–meaning Oris took a hit from its rivals at first. But luckily, with lots of hard work and dedication, these movements were designed specifically for alarm clocks which helped establish them as more reliable than most other competitors’ lever escapement watches by 1936!

Oris has been in operation for over 140 years and was founded by the Swiss who first invented mechanical watches. Their latest creation introduced a model that is entirely designed to be water-resistant up to 50 meters deep, making it an easy choice for underwater explorers or those with active lifestyles.

Oris Divers

When it comes to watches, Oris Divers is a brand that has been very popular for many years. One of their most well-known timepieces was the 1965 model, which features a unidirectional rotatable bezel with 60-minute calibration and other diving features.

In a bold move, the Oris Company relaunched their vintage divers’ watch at Baselworld 2015 to satisfy customer needs. The timepiece is known as the Divers Sixty-Five and was one of ten most talked-about watches for its historical nature thanks to its original 1965 version.

Oris Watches Collection

The Swiss company has been collaborating with the legendary British saxophonist Andy Sheppard and American trumpeter Miles Davis for years. Recently they unveiled their first Jazz wristwatch, which pays tribute to one of these legends while also naming a new collection after them in 2001.

Oris is known for its high-end Swiss watches. But if you’re not looking to spend a fortune, the TT1 collection may be perfect for your needs. The rubber strap and sporty feel of this watch feel like Formula 1 racing in every way!

The Oris Watch Company launched a timeless classic range of Artelier collection as it prepared for its 100th Anniversary celebration. It was 2003, and the new timepiece boasted a high-performing in-house caliber with an ultra-luxurious build to commemorate their one-hundredth anniversary!

Why Oris Watches?

The most underrated Swiss watch brand is Oris. They are family-owned and operated, so their principles will always be in good hands. This means they can focus on developing new features that make the company as efficient as luxury watches without a hefty price tag which makes them perfect for any occasion!

Oris watches have a rotating safety mechanism that has made them the top watch company for those who participate in water activities such as diving. They are also one of the most trusted names for luxury and diving watches; they make many excellent products, with their prime focus being on quality, creativity, and innovation which is something, not all brands can boast about!


The Swiss watches and watchmakers that specialize in precision timekeeping, such as the Oris Watches company, have been around for generations. They’ve even taken on very high-profile sponsorships from significant sporting partnerships like racing and aviation in recent years. Their continuing innovations will no doubt pave the way into the future of this industry!

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