The Top 5 Bathroom Upgrades for Home Design

bathroom decor

Do you know that homebuyers consider bathrooms and kitchens as the most important places in the home? It’s not a surprise why research identifies these two home areas as the best selling points of a house.

Therefore, maintaining the value of these home spaces will give you the utmost comfort and satisfaction. And, it will also increase the value of your house in the long run. That’s why, when it comes to upgrading your home, your bathroom is one area that you should prioritize.

When you hear about bathroom upgrades, what clicks in your mind? For most of us, upgrading the bathroom may simply involve adding some decor elements like changing wall colors. But, little might we know that there’s more to this.

Presently, people are improving their bathrooms to add high-end accessories like modern bathtubs. Thankfully, tubs are now available in a wide range of designs- from contemporary models to vintage tub designs. So, you can choose what you feel will revamp your bathroom and transform your home’s overall look.

Let’s find out the things you can do to make your bathroom look more stylish and new.

1.  Transform Your Bathroom’s Look With a Fashionable Freestanding Tub

bathroom decor

One bathtub design that most people seem to like now is the freestanding tubs. These bathtubs have many glamorous models. Furthermore, the modern freestanding tubs come with the convenience that favors everyone. These bathtubs go well with either tiny or oversized bathrooms.

You can place the tub anywhere in your bathroom to fit seamlessly with other decors and accessories. The result is an elegant look that you’ll live to admire.

Indeed, today’s designers are doing an excellent job designing the most eye-catching free standing bath tubs. These tubs come in diverse models to fit the needs of different homeowners and bathroom setups.

You can choose shapes like the freestanding rectangular tub or the oval and round standalone tubs. If you have a tiny bathroom, you can go for the beautifully-designed small freestanding tub. And, if you love bathtubs with showers, you can go for a standalone tub with a shower.

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Furthermore, you can always change the tub’s positioning. For example, you can change position if you want to add other accessories like bathroom cabinets.

One popular type of freestanding bathtub is the clawfoot tub. The claw feet tubs are exceptional in form and beauty. When positioned strategically, the tub creates a unique focal point and aesthetic appeal.

Adding brushed metal or chrome faucet accents to the tub can create a superbly modern and contemporary design.

2.  Incorporate Glass Shower Enclosures Around Your Bath Space

bathroom decor

Glass shower enclosures around your showers are a remarkable way to upgrade your home’s interior design. They work perfectly if you have an in-built or standalone tub with a shower.

Depending on your taste and preference, you can choose either the framed or frameless glass shower enclosures. Once installed, you’ll notice beauty and brightness around the bathroom.

Usually, the glass allows light to reflect through and shine around your bath spaces. Hence, it forms part of your bathroom decor.

Furthermore, the glass enclosure makes your bathroom appear spacious. The shower enclosure comes in clear, textured, or frosted glass.

Most of these tub designs have trendy finishes to give your bathroom an exquisite look.

3.  Add Some Extra Lighting Within Your Bath Spaces

bathroom decor

One of the things people are now doing to add vibrancy and transform the look of their bathrooms is adding extra lighting.

Let’s look at some of the lighting ideas that will help upgrade your bathroom design.

  • Incorporate the ambient lighting scheme, which comprises at least two ceiling-mounted lights. It can also involve pendant lights on the ceiling.
  • Add accent lighting by including a mirror light slightly above the mirror frame. To prevent shadow formation, ensure you flank both mirror sides using bracket lights at eye level.
  • Include a layered lighting scheme, which combines both the ambient and accent lighting.
  • Try using the accent lights to highlight other outstanding accessories within your bathroom, such as your bathtub, behind the bath cabinet, and beneath the floating vanity.
  • Remember to add the LED strip lights to create floating effects.
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4.  Include Reflective Surfaces Around Your Bathroom

bathroom decor

Reflective surfaces in your bathroom add tremendous beauty and increase the value of your home. These reflective surfaces help bounce light around the bathroom, hence giving your bath spaces a glamorous look.

To attain reflective surfaces, consider the following:

  • Acquire a bathtub made of materials with reflective surfaces, like acrylic and fiberglass tubs.
  • Use Chrome or brass finishing on bathroom fixtures
  • Add light fixtures like mirrors
  • Use gloss finish on wall tiles

These reflections enable light to bounce around and illuminate your bathroom. They also create an impression of ample bathroom space. However, you shouldn’t use the gloss finish tiles for the floor. They make your bathroom slippery, hence the risk of falling commercial cleaners.

5.  Create a Design Statement Using Textured Floor Tiles

bathroom decor

The textured tiles add lots of touch and depth to your bathroom. These tiles are a reflection of a perfect blend of creativity and innovation.

They can literally add life to a seemingly dull and uninviting bathroom. This makes textured tiles one of the most popular tile trends for interior design in recent years.

These tiles also add some drama and wow factor to your bath spaces. Furthermore, the rough tiles bring out an illusion of a bigger bathroom space. The uneven floor tiles are also highly functional.

The somewhat rough surface makes them anti-slippery, hence perfect for bathrooms in terms of beauty and safety. The textured tiles are made from porcelain and ceramic materials.

The porcelain or textured ceramic tiles contain desirable characteristics, including:

  • Stain-resistant
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant

Key Takeaways

You don’t need a full-blown renovation to upgrade your bathroom. There are simple yet excellent ideas to make your bath spaces look stylish and inviting.

So, if you’ve always imagined that the only way out to a glamorous bathroom is a whole expensive revamp, this isn’t the case.

You only need a careful selection of lighting features, flooring materials, wall finishes, and accessories like bathtubs and bath cabinets.

That way, you can transform the ambiance in your bathroom into fascinating and inviting spaces. And, this is definitely the aura everyone would want to come home to.

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