TikViral: 6 Best Business Video Ideas to Tweak Your TikTok Profile

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While many people think that TikTok is all about sharing dance, prank, challenge, or fun videos, it has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Yes! The presence of Gen Z audiences, user-friendly interface, and interactive in-app features encourage brands to hop on here.

Are you one among those who use TikTok for business growth? Really great! Whether you are a newbie or an active TikToker, you can win on this trending landscape for sure. But you need to invest your time and effort to create engaging content that interests your target audiences. Then, you shall avail free tiktok views trial to maximize your content visibility and strengthen your profile with more fans.

All right! This article will cover a list of video ideas that help to enrich your TikTok Business Account. Let’s dive in right now!

#1 Edutainment Videos

Edutainment is one of the advanced techniques commonly used to educate people through entertainment. It is a well-known fact that TikTok is an entertaining platform where users land to consume interactive and engaging content. Hence it will be an ideal platform for sharing edutainment videos and impressing the audience towards a business.

Take this as an opportunity to enhance your brand awareness, build an audience base and increase followers for your TikTok profile. All you need to do is create and share informative content included with fun elements.

Some of the edutainment videos that you should try are tips, tricks, hacks, tutorials, how-to, and awareness-creating videos. Make sure your visual content is included with perfect captions, CTA, and hashtags.

Additional Tip: Add #TikTokLearning, which is a common hashtag used by people all over the world to find educational videos on the TikTok platform.

#2 Presentation Videos

Product presentation is a great tool to showcase a product’s value to potential customers. Now you may wonder how to share such a long presentation in a short-form video-sharing TikTok platform. That’s right!

TikTok statistics show that viewers watch videos that last between 7 and 15 seconds. And so, it is better to share short product presentation videos on TikTok. The real challenge is converting a long-form presentation into a short-form video.

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Simply focus on key objectives, what your product is all about, and how it will help the buyers. It is better to add USPs (Unique Selling Points) and end the video within the duration. You can combine this video with TikViral to garner more engagement and increase the chance of going viral on TikTok.

#3 Product Launch Videos

TikTok, the trending social application almost filled with a younger generation audience, is the best place to spread the word about a new launch. Whenever you are about to release a new update, create and upload a teaser or trailer to create hype among audiences.

The interested ones will stay tuned with your business for availing more information. This way, you can boost brand awareness and gather customers for your new product simultaneously. It is recommended to create a remarkable video that includes various TikTok elements that interest viewers.

#4 Niche-Related Updates

Since you are handling a business account, it doesn’t mean that you should post only promotional videos. Instead, you should come out of the box and serve your audience with informative content.

Gen Z audiences of TikTok would like to know about the updates, trends, and latest news that revolves around the social world. So, spend time discovering the essential information that everyone should know about currently and craft a video to post on your TikTok profile. For instance, consider you own a gadgets brand. Then, practice the habit of sharing hot news, buzzing topics, and more to seek the attention of your audience and turn them into your loyal fans.

#5 Share Success Stories

Success stories are similar to watching feel-good movies. The respective content will provoke positive thoughts in the viewer’s mind and make them fall for your content. In addition, they get immediate takeaways from your videos that have a good impact on your brand.

So often, share success stories of your own business or others who crossed over a lot of struggles. As a result, people will follow your profile to keep themselves motivated. On the flip side, take advantage of TikViral to increase the visibility of your content and expand your audience base in a short while.

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#6 Curate Videos With In-App Features

Apart from all other business video ideas, this specific type will make more sense for your growth on TikTok. There are plenty of built-in features that you can utilize to spice up your profile.

Duet – An unique feature that allows you to create videos in response to other users’ videos. As a business owner, you can use this feature to show your response or react to customers who share about your products.

Stitch – This feature enables you to search for an existing video and combine your content with it. Simply search for a TikTok user who goes through some pain points and looking for a better solution. If your brand can solve it through your product or service, then shoot a video and stitch it with that video creator.

Q & A – This latest feature helps users to mark a comment as a question. For that, you can reply with your answers in the form of a video. It is a great way to interact with your potential audiences and build a reputation for your brand.

You are not just limited to these aspects for creating your business videos. You shall try everything that inspires you and bring in prospective customers for your business.

Over to You

Whether you are a business owner or marketer, always look out for the trends and updates rolled out by TikTok. Experiment with different marketing strategies and employ the best ones to garner customers and win over the competition.

Now you have a list of video ideas that will portray your business presence on TikTok. Still, what are you waiting for? Gear up to showcase your creativity in your content and bring out the best videos for your TikTok account. Good luck 🙂

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