Top 4 Advantages of Using AngularJS for Web Application Development

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The recent years have witnessed a surge in many companies taking their business online. The ongoing Covid 19 pandemic has spurred many brick and mortar businesses shift to the Ecommerce platform. This allowed many sectors to sustain business despite worldwide mobility restrictions.

However, the success of online business hinges on functional web applications. Among many web development tools, AngularJS has gained prominence.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework created by Google. Its architecture is an open-source framework. AngularJS has a flexible coding language. It is preferred by developers as an efficient framework to create dynamically designed web applications.

In this article, we will discuss about the top 4 advantages of web application development using AngularJS.

Easy to Test

This framework supports developers for unit tests and integration of web applications.

AngularJS is based on a JavaScript framework. It means that web application development using AngularJS will involve lot of dynamic coding. This is why it requires an augmented testing efficiency.

AngularJS team supports an augmented but easy testing with Karma and Jasmine. Karma is an automated testing tool. Jasmine is a behavior-based development framework for JavaScript. It is among the popular AngularJS application testing tool.

These tools simplify testing of web applications.

Easy to Customize

Creating applications from scratch can be a risky proposition if enterprises do not have the right expertise. Moreover, it consumes a lot of time.

AngularJS facilitates easy customization of applications. This eliminates the need to create applications from scratch.

Enterprises can easily accommodate any ad hoc requirement of adding or deleting features in an application. It makes application more business-centric and has better usability.

The AngularJS framework allows extended testing of any new features added or removed from the web application.

Easy Architecture

The AngularJS architecture is easy-to-use. This makes coding and designing web applications a seamless process.

Since it involves no complexities, developers get the leeway to handle multiple business requirements at ease.

It makes it easy to accommodate any modification based on enterprises’ dynamic business needs.

Lesser Coding

Developers can create shortcodes with the AngularJS framework.

This eliminates the need for developers to spend longer times on coding. It allows them the time to concentrate on bettering web application efficiency.

Developers can easily implement new ideas in the application because it involves lesser coding.

Parting Note

While benefits of web application development with AngularJS are numerous, enterprise must ensure that they select the right development partner. An ideal partner must exhibit sound knowledge in MVVM, MVC architecture. They must stay updated with the regular releases of AngularJS versions. Development partners should be expert in creating single page application with multi-server.

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