Top 5 SEO Hygiene Practices for a Better Performing Clean Site

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Have you not yet heard about the term SEO Hygiene. Well, if you haven’t, then it is the right time to know more about it to ensure the growth of your website in a much rapid and useful way. People usually perform a lot of tasks for their hygiene daily to stay healthy and clean. This idea is also applicable for SEO Sydney practices to maintain a very clean and healthy site that performs best white label facebook ads .

SEO hygiene:

SEO hygiene is referred to the routine care for your site that you perform to maintain the best performing health of your website. It includes the conducting of the routine checks of your website to set it and maintain it to acquire a very long term success. To maintain the best hygienic practices on your site, you can easily seek help from SEO Perth.

Advantages of SEO hygiene:

  • Better ranking possibility
  • Acquiring recognition as an authority
  • Enhanced growth of the credibility and trust buildup
  • Better revenue

Effects of the bad hygienic practice:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Negatively affected search visibility
  • Less search traffic
  • More chances of site penalties
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Top SEO hygiene practices to include:

To prevent yourself from following up the bad hygienic practices for your SEO, you need to get habituated with the newer and better health practices. Here are the top SEO hygiene practices to include:

1. Maintain a clean code:

Code works as one of the most vital factors for each of the sites. Though the SEO manager may not know the essentials about the coding, you need to pay attention to the coding to improve the experience of the end-user.  Since Googlebot is not a dummy, it will scrutinize all the information present on your coding site. Thus a quick technical SEO audit for what the search engines see will be done on your page for any kind of coding change.

2. Consider a mobile-friendly design:

Usually, the site visitors need to build a very smooth and streamlining experience while visiting your site using a mobile device. When you add a new feature or any function to your site, then it is important to focus on testing the features with the mobile devices to make sure it is offering a very responsive and intuitive experience for the site users.

3. Optimizing the content and ownership:

If you have more than one owner on your website, then your website content is very likely going to grow much quickly. Also, certain sections of the step may get handled with various teams, which are very likely going to come up with the issue of competing for keywords on multiple pages. Also, it can lead to creating duplicate content. However, maintaining good SEO Hygiene will ensure that the teams are properly understanding their roles and working according to their duty and strategy.

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4. Optimizing the redirects:

To enhance your user experience on your site, it is important to add more redirects to your website to let them get access to more useful content. The redirect loops are much easier to create and a very important one if more stakeholders are making updates on a site. With the help of an SEO manager, you can add a redirect to a .htaccess file to make the navigation easier on the site.

5. The architecture of the website:

The website architecture works as one of the essential components for website maintenance.  It is essential to monitor the changes to the site architecture regularly. Maintain the internal links, design principles, navigation elements, and formatting regularly to keep the site highly working.


To get the best SEO ranking, it is crucial to perform the best hygienic practices every time. It helps keep the site clean and well-maintained, which is essential to stay ahead with the ranking on the search results for a long time.

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