What are the top 10 Metaverse startups making a breakthrough in 2022?

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When we talk about virtual reality, the first thing crosses our minds is a metaverse platform. It has become a significant technological advancement for brands and businesses to provide unique and advanced solutions to their customers/audiences. As the dust clears about the metaverse being a fad, it has only seen potential investments, technical updates, and lucrative opportunities. After the tech giants took a step forward in the metaverse, startups also started seeing incredible possibilities within this virtual space. 

The Top 10 Metaverse Startups

We have created a list of the top 10 Metaverse startups that made a breakthrough in 2022. They are all working on solving different problems but currently share one thing in common – this is the year they will hit the public. This list will help you understand how to make money in the metaverse.


Zepeto, a product of Naver Z. This platform allows users to play games, interact with other users through 3D incorporations, and make plutocrats by developing fashion particulars and other content. Zepeto boasts 250 million accumulated users encyclopedically,1.5 million generators, and 50 million details vended. The platform has preliminarily banded with fashion brands, including Gucci, Dior, Nike, and Ralph Lauren, to launch their virtual collections on the metaverse.


Indian brand NextMeet develops an immersive virtual reality( VR) platform for remote working, collaboration, and distance literacy. The platform features 3D incorporations that let users interact with each other nearly over the metaverse. It makes work-from-home ( WFH) and online literacy more interactive and engaging than videotape calls. The NextMeet also creates custom 3D worlds for virtual events like conferences, trade expositions, and product launches. 

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Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-grounded gaming metaverse developed by Sky Mavis, an incipiency headquartered in Singapore. The game is centered around collectible digital faves that can be bred, battled, and traded. These digital faves come in the form of NFTs. The metaverse includes play-to-earn openings, and this digital ecosystem is attracting some 2 million users per day.


PolkaWar is a Singaporean startup that builds an NFT gaming platform. The platform combines decentralized finance( DeFi) and immersive gaming. It features a business where players vend in-game particulars and munitions for crypto.


PlayersOnly is a US- grounded company that offers a decentralized sports social media ecosystem. It leverages DeFi to produce a business that allows athletes and brands to unite to create digital collections and gests. It also offers a social network that connects athletes. DeFi relations on the company and the social network are eased by PlayersOnly( PO) commemorative.


Started in 2009, Enjin is a blockchain company specializing in NFT results. Enjin has developed an entire ecosystem of blockchain software products and developments that enable inventors, businesses, and individuals to produce, manage, trade, distribute, and integrate Ethereum- grounded NFTs. Enjin is developing Efinity, a blockchain-grounded ecosystem erected on Polkadot intended to serve as the structure for a decentralized,cross-chain metaverse.

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UK-based startup Zash leverages Web 3.0 technologies to develop a social investing network for crypto investors. The social network of Zash is creator-led, allowing retail investors to produce communities and learn from each other. It offers tools that enable generators to create investing ideas and partake them with followers.


 GuildFi is a Thai brand that aims to develop a Web3 structure to connect games, NFTs, and communities to maximize players’ benefits and enable interoperability across the metaverse. The platform has attracted more than 100,000 users. The round also included backing from Pantera Capital, Coinbase gambles, and Dapper Labs. 


Spanish company Union provides virtual identity results for the metaverse. The startup’s technology turns selfies into realistic 3D incorporations in stoked( AR) and virtual reality games and gests.

 The Sandbox 

The Sandbox is a leading decentralized gaming virtual world. The Ethereum- grounded platform lets players “play, produce, enjoy, and govern a virtual world.” Players can enjoy in-game means in the form of non-fungible commemoratives( NFTs), similar to plots of land they can make. 

Many startup brands have moved to the virtual space creating a wonderful experience for their customers and are acing their niche. Here are some top startup companies that entered the metaverse and created wonders.

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