What Is a Touch Screen Kiosk? Types, Benefits & Examples

Touch Screen Kiosk

Technology usage has expanded and developed in a drastic way post-pandemic.

So, with the advent of time, people have developed the habit of interacting with technology around the clock. Not only this, they have become highly DEPENDENT on it to conduct numerous works in their daily life.

In such a digital age, touch screen kiosks in Australia have changed the dynamics of how people carry out various tasks.

What is a touch screen kiosk?

It is a stand-alone unit with a screen having a touch interface. Generally, the screen is computer sized but is also available in bigger or smaller sizes. They respond to pressure from a finger or stylus.

Their use is rising day by day and does not show any sign of slowing down. Plus, they have oodles of uses and benefits as well. However, selecting the right touch screen kiosk supplier is essential.

What are the types of touch screen kiosks?

Wayfinding kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks are widespread among large business facilities and buildings. When people listen to the word kiosk, it has become so common that wayfinding technology comes to mind.

It can be used to offer maps, locations, and directions. The most commonplace housing of wayfinding kiosks are malls.

Self-service kiosks

This is among the widespread and well-known uses of touchscreen monitor. Self-service kiosks are quite renowned among citizens as it allows control over the process and minimises waiting for queues. It also helps businesses boost sales and efficiency, creating a win-win situation.

Shoppable kiosks

Through shoppable kiosks, customers can browse through products and purchase them then and there. Usually, vending and catalogue kiosks are the two common types of shoppable kiosks.

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Internet kiosks

Internet kiosks are used to offer internet or wifi services to visitors. They are most commonly found at airports, hotels, railway stations, and other hospitality facilities.

What are the advantages of touch screen kiosks?

●     Boosts sales

Touch screen solutions allow customers to have control over their process without any intervention from the business staff. Plus, they also reduce waiting time, satisfying people.

So, people feel comfortable while purchasing products on their own.

When you offer convenience and help to people, they are more likely to rely on your business. So, employing a kiosk at a suitable place in your facility can help boost sales.

●     Better business efficiency

Kiosks can provide service around the clock without any interruption (as long as it is connected to a power supply). As a result, it minimises employee costs and allows people to interact with the business irrespective of time.

Moreover, they never get tired and maintain their standard every day. They can conduct mundane business activities speedily and efficiently, freeing up employees’ time.

●     Save money

In the digital era, customers like personalised services, and what can be a better way than providing one-to-one digital interaction? Kiosks can store customers’ information and use it to offer tailored services.

In addition, as kiosks complete the majority of the business work, the requirement of the staff decreases, further saving money.

●     Satisfy customers

Touch screen kiosks reduce queues, answer questions repetitively, and offer complete product information. They can also guide people in large facilities. As a result, they satisfy people without embarrassment.

●     Create excellent branding

Touch screen monitors can create exceptional branding. It will make clients feel supported and make tasks easy, leading to strong loyalty. Thus, the customer retention ratio is improved.

It can also be utilised to publicise your corporation, the display offers, and showcase your brand personality. You can even put a logo on each page to allow people to remember your brand.

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●     Improve security and privacy

When identity theft has become easy, handing credit cards to staff might not feel comfortable. Hence, self-service kiosks can solve this problem and make people feel less vulnerable.

Additionally, visitors might often not want to exchange conversations with business staff. Here, kiosks can ease their lives and allow them to do their thing their own way. Similarly, visitors might hesitate to ask people for directions, or there might be a language barrier. In such cases, kiosks can provide a perfect solution.

Examples of touch screen kiosk usage

1.   Metro stations

Adelaide metro station, one of the busiest places, introduced touch screen kiosks for passengers. They can see timetables, routes, and fare details, offering convenience in planning their trip.

Sydney metro stations also incorporated touch screen kiosks to provide reliable and fast services. It has employed kiosks in waiting rooms and causeways to provide route, timetable, and fare information.

2.   Education sectors

La Trobe houses thousands of students, so you can imagine the rush during events and break times. They employed interactive kiosks for self-checkout, minimised waiting for lines, and faster payment processing.

Fraser coast library uses touch screen kiosks to solve customer queries, manage and segregate information, borrow items, and much more. It simplified mundane library tasks.

3.   Retail industry

The world’s foremost authorised organic fast food chain, Oliver’s real food, is located at 24 locations. They employed touch screen kiosks to reduce queues in busy locations. In addition, it also lets people easily make payments.

Similarly, a blue chip company, 7 Eleven, having more than 700 retail stores, also incorporated touch screen kiosks. Hence, it increased its revenue stream, broadened service offerings, and provided customers convenience.


If you own a physical store, your customers might outnumber your staff. As a result, customer service can sometimes become a challenge. Additionally, the queue can increase, and customers can get frustrated.

A touch screen kiosk supplier can make your customer service efficient. Plus, in the digital age, you can offer the best services digitally.

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