Without Vingo App, Treadmill Gets Boring


Are you stuck staring at the same wall while running on your treadmill every morning? It is kind of boring, isn’t it? Well, worry no more. Your own virtual reality awaits you with the amazing app called, Vingo.

With the app, you can go on adventures across the world, with just a click of a button. This online virtual world was designed to take the boredom out of your exercise time and it does so with elegance.

Technology Has a Solution for Everything

We are living in the age of technology and everything, I mean everything, has moved into the online space. Socialising, working, exploration, and now, exercising too.

The creators of the Vingo app have specifically designed it to change your treadmill time into an online adventure. You can select a new location every day and watch it expand before you as you run on your mill. But, first, you need to install the app on your phone or even better, a smart TV and place the screen in front of you.

Get Better with Virtual Reality

With new locations added into the app every day, you can go on and explore them one by one, without ever getting bored. The latest addition is the Iceland map, with breath-taking waterfalls and volcanoes. The app uses ANT+ sensors to calculate your speed on your treadmill and then adjusts the sceneries on the screen.

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Just connect the app with your treadmill via Bluetooth and that’s it. If you have an older version of a treadmill, not to worry, you can always manually enter your speed on the app.

However, for the sake of better tracking, we recommend you buy the latest sensor and connect the equipment with the app.

Create a Virtual Version of Yourself in the App

The next best feature about the app is creating your own avatar. The avatar represents you in the virtual world and you can create it with just a selfie. The app develops a digital version of yourself with the selfie and you can beautify it too. You can add stuff like outfits, equipment, work-out gear and even your pets to your avatar.

On the screen you will notice a lot of other avatars running beside you. They are the thousands of fans of the app, all working-out inside the amazing app. You can talk to them over voice chat in real-time, too.

Start Your Own Cyber Running Group

What’s more interesting than just talking with people via the app? Forming and joining in communities with them, of course. In this running and biking app you can also find communities of people, who share similar interests in exercises. It could be running, jogging, cycling or just plain walking. The important point is that you won’t have to feel alone while you exercise indoors anymore. You have your own support group from whom you can learn too.

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So, what are you waiting for? Get into this online running app and get fit the adventurous way!

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