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The majority of us who are connected to document management would have to make certain conversions and manipulations. The most common type of conversion that you might have to make is from word to PDF. There are many reasons you need to convert word to PDF, and in this post, we will list some of the important ones. In this post, we will also tell you about the best word to use for PDF converter tools with the help of which you can easily change the format of the files.

You need to convert word files to PDF because:

  • Word files don’t keep their formatting.
  • You cannot match the references and citations in the word files.
  • MS Word exists in multiple versions.
  • There are different word processors.
  • Word files cannot be used formally on mobile devices.
  • Word files are not at all secure.

Now that you know some of the important reasons behind PDF conversion let us talk about the best word to PDF converter tools.

Best Online word to PDF tools for free conversions!

Here are some of the top DOCX to PDF converter tools that can help you change the format of your files without any efforts:

Word to PDF converter by Duplichecker

If you need a free and reliable tool, then the perfect option for you. The word to pdf converter free online tool by Duplichecker is secure and extremely simple in its use. You don’t have to worry about downloading this tool on your device as it is a web based tool. Just enter the word files in the input box and click on the ‘convert to PDF’ button. This doc to pdf converter would take less than seconds to change the file format, which is also among the popular reasons for it being famous. There are no restrictions so that you can convert as many word files to PDF for free.

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Foxit Word to PDF Converter

The word to PDF converter by Foxit is also among the easiest to use tools listed on the internet. You must know that you can use this word to PDF converter tool online or get its application version for your smartphones. On the tool interface, you are going to find multiple options to enter word files into the tool. You can use the input option which intrigues you the most and hit the ‘convert to PDF’ option. This word to PDF converter tool can cater to both partial and batch conversions!


This is another tool cum application that can help you convert word files to PDF for free. The working of this Word to PDF converter tool is quite different to other tools in this league. When you open the tool, you would be asked to enter the word file in it and enter a set of instructions considering saving the PDF file. You have to enter the file’s name, the quality in which you want to save it and privatize the files. This word to PDF converter tool is best for catering to files with sensitive information. Mostly this word to PDF converter tool is used by professionals.

Word to PDF converter by smallseotools

Nothing feels more reliable than the tools offered by smallseotools! This website has a very good reputation when it comes to providing accurate results. There are many PDF tools listed on the interface of this website, but you must know that the word to PDF converter tool is among the popular ones. The tool has a basic interface which even a new user can understand. If you have never tried an online word to PDF converter tool, this is the perfect option. It offers simplicity along with accuracy, and that too for free. There are many features of this Word to PDF converter that you would love to try once you hook up with this tool.

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Solid PDF Creator

As the name tells us, the solid PDF creator tool is considered to be the best option when it comes to creating solid PDF files from word. You should know that this tool can be used online from its website source, or you can also download it for your windows operating system. Solid PDF creator is a converter utility that can help you change your word files to PDF with accuracy and complete security. The tool would delete your input files from its interface once you are done with the conversion!

Word to PDF Converter by PlagiarismDetector.Net

The word to PDF converter online free tool by plagiarismdetector.net is a relatively new option in this league, but this tool has made a good name for itself in a short amount of time. You must know that this online word to PDF converter tool has gathered its fame because of its speed. It can convert word files to PDF in less than three seconds, and that too with complete accuracy.

Using any of the above-listed tools, you can easily convert Word to PDF online and for free!

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