5 reasons why SMBs should use SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization and refers to some tools and techniques that you can apply to your website to rank it higher in a search engine’s results. Usually, SMBs pay scant attention to…

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Ad Verification

Why Ad Verification is Important for Your Business

A study disclosed that fraud relating to digital advertising (ad) would hit $44 billion by next year, which is not a good development. On the one hand, it means this is a booming business for…

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3 Tips to Grow Your Business with a TikTok Account

Although it’s relatively new, TikTok has taken the social market by storm, and it’s currently one of the most popular apps in the world. This application enables the user to create short and looping reels…

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hashing algorithms

Everything which every developer should know about the hashing algorithms

Everybody nowadays is working with different kinds of remote systems and files are being shared with different kinds of login attempts being made from the unauthorised users through different sources to the tools which people…

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Instagram followers

Want To Increase Instagram Followers? Purchase at Famoid

It is quite a hoop in the digital marketing society about increased followers in social media. Many firms often buy followers to increase their reach among potential customers and promote their products and services. However,…

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Why Website Design is Important for Business

Why Website Design is Important for Business

Does a small business need a website?  Some private entrepreneurs today still cannot give an unambiguous answer to this question.  Unfortunately, not all start-up and established businesspeople realize the impact a website has on small…

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E-commerce Site

5 Indispensable Features for E-commerce Sites

When designing an e-commerce website for your business, there are several features to incorporate that are essential for your customers. These features make your website easy to use and will maximize your profit. Here are…

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