cloud cameras

Security on the Clouds Increases Business Productivity

If you are into a business, you might have the idea of a closed surveillance system. Security or the surveillance system plays an integral role in the business. Even if you are a working professional…

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API Testing

5 Best Practices of API testing

Application programming interface (API) is a part of the software that outlines how other components or systems can interact with a system. The API specifies the sorts of queries that can be made, how they…

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support authoring tools

Why do organizations should go with the option of utilizing the performance of support authoring tools in the modern-day business world?

 Performance management support tools are considered to be the best possible learning aids for the people that will allow them to have the right kind of on-the-job support at the precise moment of the need….

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Cloud testing

Pointers to consider in testing of mobile apps

There is a possibility that you may be convinced that testing is mandatory for your mobile apps. But while devising a testing strategy there are a few points to consider. Devices selection There is a…

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HIPAA Compliant

4 Benefits of Choosing a HIPAA Compliant File Storage System

It is important for healthcare professionals to have a secure and compliant way of storing documents, as they are often stored electronically for long periods and are easily lost or stolen. There are many file…

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Appointment Reminder Software

Starting Up: How Appointment Reminder Software Helps Your Business

When one’s day gets too busy, missing or forgetting appointments can be inevitable. But as a growing business owner, one honest mistake can become a missed opportunity for income to thrive. Likewise, manual bookings can…

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reselling Hosting

How to use cPanel when reselling Hosting

The most common control panel for hosting is undoubtedly cPanel. cPanel lets you manage domains, publish websites, create email accounts, and organize web files. It’s also incredibly useful for reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is when…

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